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    Would you like to treat yourself to CBD flowers to enjoy their relaxing and soothing benefits? You've come to the right place! On this page, you'll find our selection of the best CBD flowers from different cultures. There's something for every taste and budget, so what are you waiting for to treat yourself?

    Outdoor CBD Flowers: A natural and powerful choice

    The outdoor CBD flowers are flowers that are grown outdoors. These plants have very special characteristics. Indeed, because they are grown outdoors, in fields, cultivation is simplified. The plants enjoy all the benefits provided by the climate, enabling them to develop better. Thanks to outdoor cultivation, hemp plants benefit from a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.

    Understanding outdoor cultivation

    Outdoor cultivation is a type of cultivation particularly appreciated for its many benefits for hemp growth. In practical terms, with outdoor cultivation, flowers are grown outdoors, in the open air. You may not know it, but hemp plants have been cultivated for many, many years, even centuries. Although there are several different types of cultivation, outdoor cultivation remains, without question, one of the most preferred, but also one of the most complex to master. With outdoor cultivation, flowers grow and develop at the pace of nature and the climate. All the elements of the climate play a part in their growth. The sun, for example, provides the light plants need to grow well. Rain makes it easy to water plants, while wind provides excellent aeration. The difficulty with this growing method lies in the fact that it's impossible to control the weather and climate. As a result, you sometimes have to deal with difficult climatic conditions, such as floods, drought... Insects and other pests can also be quite constraining elements that need to be taken into account. Bear in mind, however, that with outdoor cultivation, nothing can be strictly controlled. This means that flower growth takes place in osmosis with nature. In other words, the plants take longer to develop than with other types of cultivation, and harvests are generally made once a year.

    Advantages of outdoor cultivation

    Outdoor cultivation offers very many advantages over other crops. Even if there's only one harvest a year, the yield is much more consistent. Growing flowers outdoors is also much more economical and environmentally friendly. At first glance, plant buds may appear smaller and more irregular, but don't be fooled, because these outdoor-grown plants have much more flavor. In fact, thanks to outdoor cultivation, CBD flowers have much more intense flavours and pronounced aromas. Flowers from this cultivation have character and much more intense flavors. As they grow outdoors, they develop slightly woody, earthy and fruity notes.

    Indoor growing

    Indoor or indoor cultivation is the most recent type of cultivation. In fact, this type of cultivation really came into its own when CBD was legalized. One of the greatest features of indoor cultivation is that it really can be controlled down to the smallest detail, resulting in high-quality CBD flowers. Growing CBD flowers indoors has a number of advantages. In fact, flowers from this type of cultivation are among consumers' favorites.

    Focus on indoor cultivation

    Generally carried out in greenhouses, indoor cultivation makes it possible to grow CBD naturally potent. The flowers are of superior quality, but it's not the most economical type of cultivation. Indeed, in order for flowers to grow optimally inside a greenhouse, a solution must be found to replace sunlight. This requires the use of lamps or neon lights, which have to be left on for long hours. Indoor cultivation is rather interesting, as it can be done discreetly and out of sight. What's more, you remain in control of the whole process, so you can achieve rapid flowering with very good yield.

    Advantages of Indoor cultivation

    Growing CBD indoors has many advantages over other types of cultivation. The fact that the plants are grown in greenhouses means that climatic conditions can be avoided. Nowadays, it's possible to control the supply of light, CO2, humidity... In this way, it's possible to really keep control over the growth of hemp plants. With indoor cultivation, plant development is much faster, which means you can get many more harvests unlike with outdoor cultivation. But one of the biggest advantages of indoor CBD is the quality of the flowers. Specifically, with this type of cultivation, the flowers contain a very large number of trichomes. As a general rule, when CBD flowers are cultivated and processed, most of the trichomes disappear. So, when the flowers contain a lot of trichomes at their base, the result is very powerful aromas. Thanks to indoor cultivation, harvests can be made all year round, regardless of season or weather conditions. That said, this method of cultivation requires a certain investment of time and money. By growing plants indoors, you can easily obtain a huge number of varieties of CBD flowers with fruity, tangy flavours.

    Greenhouse cultivation

    Many people confuse Greenhouse cultivation with indoor cultivation. While both are done in greenhouses, Greenhouse cultivation is somewhat different. Simply put, Greenhouse CBD is grown in a greenhouse, but directly in the ground. In this way, Greenhouse combines all the advantages of indoor cultivation with those of outdoor cultivation. The Greenhouse mode isn't the most practical method, but the plants have the merit of being well protected from climatic conditions while benefiting from the nutrients found in the soil.

    Focus on Greenhouse Indoor cultivation

    A very good compromise between outdoor and indoor, Greenhouse allows you to grow CBD flowers all year round with a very good yield. The plants grow quickly and the flowers are of excellent quality. They are rich in cannabinoids. Greenhouse cultivation is more economical and ecological than indoor cultivation.

    Advantages of Greenhouse cultivation

    There are various advantages to Greenhouse cultivation. In fact, this growing method is a blend of indoor and outdoor cultivation. When flowers are grown under glass and on the ground, they benefit from intense flavors and powerful aromas. Among the advantages of Greenhouse cultivation are the quality of the flowers, but above all, their effectiveness. And for good reason, the flowers are rich in active ingredients and natural cannabidiol. Greenhouse CBD flowers are generally sold for less than other flowers, as production costs are lower.

    What forms do CBD flowers take ?

    CBD buds

    CBD buds are among the very best in CBD. Buds do not contain trim or small flowers, therefore, this form allows for intense and powerful flavors. To obtain CBD buds, buds are selected with the utmost care to keep only the best.

    Smalls Buds CBD

    Small CBD buds are small buds offered at a small price. They're a great way to enjoy all the benefits of exceptional-quality CBD, without breaking the bank. Small CBD buds are perfect for discovering CBD flowers for the first time. But its flavours are still relatively powerful and deep.

    Trim CBD

    The CBD flowers used for trim are generally hand-harvested and organically grown. Trim is certainly the form of CBD that offers the best value for money. For trim, CBD flowers are chosen according to their flavors and aromas.

    Rock CBD

    If you're looking for a very potent experience, then CBD rocks will be perfect for you. This form is particularly popular for its potency and intensity. The flowers are entirely covered in CBD crystals, kif or pollen, and their CBD content can be as high as 92%! Yes, you read that right. CBD rocks will give you a unique experience. Because of their potency, CBD rocks should be consumed by people who are used to using CBD. If you've never tried it, then don't start with rocks, opt for smalls buds instead.

    Why should you buy CBD flowers on mega-market-cbd ? 

    Wondering why you should buy CBD flowers on mega-market-cbd and not elsewhere? We offer high-quality services that are sure to convince you. Throughout the year, we offer you a permanent 30% discount. What's more, all our deliveries are very fast, so you'll receive your orders in the shortest possible time.

    Legal CBD flowers: rigorous control of cannabinoid concentration and effects

    At mega-market-cbd, we're committed to your complete satisfaction. That's why we carry out regular, rigorous checks to verify the THC concentration of all our flowers. So, when you buy your CBD flowers from us, you can be sure that their THC level does not exceed the 0.3% in force with the legislation.

    Various flavours and aromas

    In our boutique, you'll find a very wide range of CBD flower varieties, of which here are the main ones: - Trim Fleur CBD With its varied aromas and 12% CBD content, Trim Fleur CBD is a balanced blend of several crumb and small-flower varieties. - Mango Kush Manga Kush is sure to seduce you with its delicious mango and passion fruit aromas. This flower has a CBD content of 23.7% and a very strong potency. - Budda Zen Relaxation is guaranteed with Budda Zen, a flower with spicy, fruity and sweet aromas. With 19.5% CBD and a very low THC content of 0.17%, Budda Zen is a relaxing, soothing flower. - Cannabomb Let yourself be tempted by Cannabomb, a delicious flower with woody aromas, tinged with a fruity touch of pineapple. This flower has a CBD content of 23%. - Gorilla Queen You'll love the flavours and scents of Gorilla Queen, a subtle blend of pine bark, ripe fruit, citrus and coffee. A cocktail of tropical flavours with a CBD content of 21.7%. Feel free to browse our online store to discover all our other flower varieties. You're bound to find the one that suits you best.

    Purchasing advantages

    Shopping in our online boutique means enjoying certain advantages you won't find anywhere else. The quality of our CBD flowers is one of our greatest strengths. But we have many other advantages in store for you. Make your selection from many varieties of flowers and benefit from sliding-scale prices and numerous discounts.

    Powerful, inexpensive CBD flowers

    You can't buy your CBD flowers just anywhere. In fact, many stores offer you flowers that have not been checked and whose THC levels exceed the authorized threshold, which can cause you various problems, particularly with the law. When it comes to buying CBD flowers, it's essential to choose a store you can trust. At mega-market-cbd, we do our utmost to ensure that you can buy in complete safety. All our CBD flowers are powerful and will give you the effects you're looking for, but their THC content will never exceed the authorized limit. Although all the products sold in our store are of the highest quality, we want you to benefit from low prices. So, throughout the year, we post relatively low prices, to which we add, very regularly, discounts and reductions. So why not treat yourself?

    How to consume your legal cannabis flowers

    CBD flowers have incredible virtues and you can enjoy them in a variety of ways. The best-known way to consume CBD flowers is as an infusion. With a little coconut oil and boiling water, you can make yourself a delicious infusion to enjoy in the evening before bed. Coconut oil will increase the effects of this plant tenfold, helping you to relax better. On the other hand, if you want immediate effects, you'll need to inhale the flowers. And for longer-lasting effects, you can also cook delicious recipes with these flowers. Finally, you can simply smoke CBD flowers by mixing them with tobacco, but this is not the most optimal way to consume them, as tobacco can be addictive, which is contrary to the effects sought with CBD.

    Are our deliveries discreet ?

    Feel like discovering thebenefits of CBD, but don't want all your neighbors to know? Don't worry, we've thought of that. All our shipments are made in very discreet packages. So nobody will know what's inside your parcel when it's delivered. We know how important discretion is to you. So rest assured, there's no need to tell us when you place your order, because all our deliveries are discreet.


    Now you know all about CBD flowers. You've been able to discover their incredible benefits, the different ways they're grown, as well as the varieties and ways they're consumed. Always bear in mind that it's very important to choose high-quality CBD flowers. Finally convinced by the quality of our CBD flowers? Then don't wait any longer. Order now and receive your products quickly and discreetly.

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