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Coming from the hemp plant or Cannabis Sativa L, the CBD flower is one of the substances authorized in many countries in Europe. This is mainly due to the many benefits of this plant. But there is still a lack of clarity around the subject. While many people, fearing the dangers of drugs and other substances, believe that the cannabidiol flower is an illegal and dangerous drug that can lead to addiction, others appreciate the absorption of this substance. What is the reality of the situation?

What is the CBD flower?

CBD flower is a cannabis flower that has a high cannabidiol content. Thanks to its active ingredients, the plant is appreciated and is not subject to prohibition. Indeed, it is not assimilated to narcotics such as morphine, ecstasy (MDMA), nicotine, opium, methamphetamine and opioids. On the contrary, it does not cause any undesirable psychotropic side effects.

The reason why the CBD flower does not cause disorders in the consumer's central nervous system is because of its low THC content. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the molecule that causes drug addiction and hallucinations depending on its dose. The higher the THC content, the greater the physical and psychological dependence. This is why marijuana is an illegal substance. Marijuana is prohibited because it contains 10% THC. Taking drugs such as marijuana is punishable by imprisonment.

Conversely, in a CBD flower - hardly distinguishable from psychoactive flowers to the naked eye - only 0.2% THC is found. Therefore, a cannabis plant is not used for euphoric or hallucinogenic effects. Also, it is difficult for CBD to be used as a substitution treatment for THC, as opposed to heroin, which is substituted with methadone.

Why buy a CBD flower?

The purchase of a CBD flower as a legal drug is recommended, because the properties of cannabidiol are preserved, and therefore the effects of the molecule are remarkable. Moreover, in the flower, the cannabinoids are in symbiosis.

Studies on the CBD flower are ongoing. However, it is already known that the plant has soothing effects, which makes it different from psychotropic drugs. Moreover, it does not cause intoxication.

Since it does not produce euphoria like psychoactive substances, cannabidiol flower can be used to combat stress, depression, behavioural disorders and anxiety like benzodiazepines. This is due to its anxiolytic properties

The plant can be used in the fight against drug addiction or withdrawal and can be used in the design of sleeping pills. It:

  • protects neurons and mental health by combating mental disorders and insomnia ;

  • is a solution to cocaine and amphetamine addiction

  • develops the drug withdrawal syndrome in drug addicts;

  • is involved in the detoxification of smokers;

  • contributes to the reduction of cancer risk.

Can CBD flower be used for medicinal purposes?

Despite the benefits of its molecules, cannabidiol flower cannot be used as a drug treatment. It can only be used as a supplement to certain pharmaceutical drugs. That said, a doctor can prescribe the drugs and medications to his or her patient and indicate the dosage for regular use.

How to identify the ideal dose of CBD flower?

As with alcohol consumption, the degree of tolerance or vulnerability to CBD varies. The best way to identify the perfect dose is to have a low consumption of the substances at the beginning. Over time, you can increase the dosage of the molecule to avoid the effects of the drug.

Diversify CBD flowers to benefit from their effects. By the way, you will find a variety of flowers that are not psychotropic drugs. They do not make you addicted. However, avoid overdosing on cannabidiol to fight against addiction and the risks of dependency. These risks of substance dependence are related to excessive use.

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