Ice rock cbd raspberry

Ice rock cbd raspberry

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Ice Rock Raspberry 82% - CBD Flower

If you love the sweet, fruity scent of red fruits, you'll love Ice Rock Raspberry CBD Flower. This variety has the distinction of being ultra potent, with an exceptional CBD content of 82%. To achieve such a result, Ice Rock CBD flowers are coated with over 90% CBD oil and crystals. The relaxing effects are then multiplied tenfold for your greatest pleasure!

Specifics of the Ice Rock Raspberry variety

The CBD flowers used to make this Ice Rock Framboise come from Indoor cultivation, i.e. indoors. Indoor cultivation allows plants to develop in optimal conditions, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art equipment. These control temperature, light and humidity. In other words, Indoor cultivation produces the highest-quality CBD flowers on the market.

Harvested and manicured by hand by hemp professionals, CBD flowers are then coated with oil and crystals concentrated at over 90%. This is how the flowers take on the appearance of small icy stones.

Highly concentrated in cannabinoids, Ice Rock Framboise is rich in flavor and therapeutic properties. On the other hand, it has no psychoactive effects, as its THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content is less than 0.3%. You can therefore consume it with complete peace of mind to discover the benefits of hemp in its most intense version.

The virtues of Ice Rock Raspberry CBD flowers

Raspberry Ice Rock is a powerful CBD flower suitable for discerning consumers. That said, it may also be suitable for people with intense chronic pain, looking for higher-than-average relaxing effects. Indeed, Ice Rock raspberry can be consumed to soothe most types of pain, whether nerve, bone, joint or muscle.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic virtues that act on the physical level, Ice Rock raspberry offers benefits on the mental level. As such, it can be used to combat stress, anxiety and all negative emotions. It helps you regain calm, joie de vivre and a good mood.

If you have trouble falling asleep and tend to suffer from sleep disorders, you can consume Ice rock raspberry just before bedtime. As well as making it easier to fall asleep, it will help you return to a deep, restful sleep from the very first use.

The scent of Ice Rock Raspberry CBD flowers

As its name suggests, this CBD Ice Rock flower delivers a deliciously sweet, woody raspberry scent. On the palate, we find the earthy, herbaceous and spicy notes of hemp. A unique blend for an explosion of flavor on the palate.

The different ways to consume Ice Rock Framboise

To consume your Ice Rock Framboise, the first thing to do is cut it into pieces with your fingers or a knife. We don't recommend the use of a grinder, which could alter its quality. Once crumbled, Ice Rock flower can be consumed as an infusion, in a dish in the kitchen or by vaporization. For smokers, you can also use a pipe, bong or bubbler.

Store your Ice Rock Raspberry CBD flowers in the original packaging or another airtight container to preserve their quality for around 6 months.

Type de produit
Types de fleurs
Ice Rock
THC levels
CBD rate
Very powerful
Raspberry, sweet and woody
Relaxation, Pain, Sleep, Stress & Anxiety
For sprays, infusions and cooking
Durée de conservation
6 months after opening
Conseil de conservation
Store in a cool, dark and dry place.
5g (hermetic bag)
Très (très) compact

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