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    Cannabidiol is commercially available in several forms: oil, flower, capsules and e-liquid. None of these forms are addictive since they are not psychoactive. However, the e-liquid form is the one used by many consumers. It is inhaled using an electronic cigarette. Cannabidiol is not one of the psychotropic cannabinoids, so there are no side effects. Better yet, the product contributes to the reduction of the risks of drug addiction.

    The CBD e-liquid, what's that?

    To make an e-liquid CBD free of psychoactive substances, the same elements are used as traditional e-liquids. These are aromas, a neutral base and a booster. However, for the CBD e-liquid, the booster is replaced by a CBD booster. To prepare the flavours, manufacturers generally use terpenes from several plants, including the hemp plant from which cannabis is extracted.

    Manufactured to avoid the effects of drugs, CBD e-liquid contains :

    • Pure CBD crystals without THC, the substance that acts on the nervous system of drug users and causes addictive behaviour;

    • One or more aromas in order to give taste to the steam;

    • A base that consists of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

    Does the CBD have any drug-related health effects?

    Unlike THC, CBD does not accelerate the heart rate. It also does not adversely affect the central nervous system of the consumer. In addition, unlike the hard drugs amphetamine, opium or methamphetamine, CBD does not cause euphoric effects in the patient. As a result, the substance is not an illicit or illegal drug. It does not cause physical dependence.

    If it maintains the mental health of the consumer, the CBD e-liquid has other assets. It intervenes in the onset of withdrawal symptoms in a person who is addicted to drugs. According to scientists, it effectively treats addiction to nicotine and hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. In addition, it contributes to the onset of withdrawal symptoms and helps patients quit smoking.

    The anxiolytic properties of CBD are also finger-indexed by consumers. The CBD e-liquid has a soothing and relaxing effect. In addition to not causing behavioural disorders, it treats sleep disorders. Consumers, who are generally anxious and stressed, trust that the product helps them fight insomnia.

    The list of pharmacological benefits of CBD becomes longer when its analgesic properties are added. But beware, CBD does not take away pain like THC does by creating a state of euphoria. It simply calms it. Finally, it should be remembered that it cannot be used as a substitution treatment for the consumption of addictive substances, such as morphine, nor as a substitution for drug treatment.

    Does the CBD e-liquid have any adverse effects?

    The CBD e-liquid has no adverse effects. However, this does not prevent some side effects from occurring. For example, when inhaled, it becomes slightly irritating due to the natural "hit" it causes. This hit can be powerful and last over time. That's why it's important to know your tolerance level.

    On the other hand, CBD can create signs of drowsiness. For this reason, it is not recommended that CBD be removed before driving a car or motorcycle. Indeed, although the risks associated with its use are not numerous, one must be careful. In fact, taking drugs while driving is prohibited, just like other illegal substances.

    How do you vaporize with a CBD e-liquid?

    The CBD e-liquid can be taken with all types of electronic cigarettes. This is one of the advantages. Thus, it is up to the vaporizer to make his choice according to his wishes. For example, it can be based on the regular consumption pattern he prefers: indirect inhalation or direct inhalation. In any case, whatever your preferences, you will find the CBD e-liquid you need with us.

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