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    After having established itself in many countries where its use was considered illicit on the grounds of a risk of drug abuse, cannabidiol (CBD) is entering the French market. Although the CBD flower is its best-known form, CBD oil has not lost its popularity. On the contrary, given the low risk of intoxication, addiction or dependence, it is prized by the French. It has no undesirable side effects on the central nervous system.

    What is CBD oil?

    CBD oil is one of the commercial forms of cannabidiol. This form is appreciated by people who want to avoid the effects of drugs.

    To produce CBD oil, manufacturers use cannabis extracted from the hemp plant. This plant contains a high amount of cannabidiol, but a very low level of THC, the addictive substance responsible for the effects of the drug:

    • the psychoactive effect in drug addicts;

    • psychic disorders;

    • behavioral disorders;

    • sleep disorders;

    • euphoria and hallucinations.

    What are the benefits of consuming CBD oil?

    CBD oil is not dangerous. It does not affect the consumer's heart rate. You are therefore not exposed to the adverse effects observed in people who take psychoactive substances.

    The oil has positive effects on mental health. It is not addictive. Studies have shown that it's one of the analgesics and antidepressants. It also has analgesic and anxiolytic properties. Finally, it reduces insomnia.

    Moreover, according to people who are physically and psychically dependent on hard drugs such as morphine, cocaine, opium and heroin, CBD oil reduces the risk of relapse after withdrawal. It can be used for detoxification and to help stop smoking. In short, it protects neurons and stimulates dopamine levels.

    CBD oil: how is it consumed?

    CBD oil can be consumed in two ways. Either way is non-addictive.

    The first method is the oral route. It is exploited by people who do not appreciate the bitter taste of the product. They mix a few drops of the oil with a food. However, with this method, the active ingredients of the oil take a long time to take effect.

    The second method is the sublingual route. With the help of the dropper that comes with the vial, the consumer evaluates the quantity of CBD oil. He places the desired dosage under the tongue. The oil is then absorbed through the mucous membranes.

    What dosage of CBD oil?

    As in the case of alcohol consumption, it is not possible to define a dosage for the intake of CBD oil. This is because several factors come into play: weight, tolerance, the desired withdrawal syndrome and the dangers of the drug. In fact, the dose to be taken varies from one individual to another. This is why it is recommended to receive a prescription from a doctor. The doctor prescribes the product as a dietary supplement.

    Although CBD oil is not addictive, here are some tips to follow:

    • Start with small doses to assess your level of tolerance. For a start, 3 times a day, you may take a few drops;

    • Consider your weight to determine the right dosage for regular use;

    • Avoid reaching 1,500 mg of CBD per day: there is a risk of overdose.

    Where to buy CBD oil in France?

    You can buy a wide range of products from us: oils, flowers, e-liquid and CBD for animals. Whatever product containing cannabidiol you are looking for, you will find it in our online shop. However, CBD is not a substitute for strong addictive substances.

    As a reminder, avoid addictive psychotropic drugs. Their level of dangerousness is high.

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