CBD 15% Full Spectrum Oil - NEROBI - 10ml

Full Spectrum with 15% CBD

CBD oil with 15% CBD. Made in France and guaranteed 100% natural and pesticide-free. The bottle capacity is 10ml

CBD Oil 15% - NEROBI - 10ml

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Discover an oil of CBD NEROBI available in bottle of 10 ml. She's rich in CBD at a rate of 15%.. It contains no psychotropic substances and meets European standards.

How does NEROBI? 15% CBD oil look like ?

The NEROBI CBD oil that we offer you is 100% natural guarantee. It was manufactured under the best conditions, without pesticides. It is a top-of-the-range oil from legal hemp farming. It has been obtained after years of research and development in order to have an authentic taste, without bitterness. Its formulation "?without THC and full spectrum CBD?" allows you to enjoy the benefits of the plant in all legality.

This oil has been carefully developedby a team of experts in the hemp industry. Its formulation has been studied and optimized to obtain the best ratio for an optimal effect. It does not contain food allergens. Before its marketing, this oil has been stored at room temperature, away from light.

In the 10 ml bottle, you have about 200 drops.which will allow you to properly dose your consumption of CBD. CBD Oil 15% is contained in a brown glass vial. This vial is equipped with a dropper with a teat, which facilitates the dosing of cannabidiol.

What is the purpose of CBD - NEROBI? oil ? 

NEROBI 15% CBD oil has multiple virtues of therapeutic cannabis. Thus, it notably allows you to benefit from its relaxing and pain-relieving effects. Also, it slips easily into a pocket or bag, as its bottle is small and discreet. As a result, it can accompany you everywhere during your day.

Moreover, the effects of this oil are not only powerful, but also immediate. NEROBI 15% CBD Oil also has soothing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

How do I use NEROBI? 15% CBD oil ?

NEROBI is a certified French brand and its oils can be consumed in different ways. To begin with, you can consume it by oral route or by sublingual route.

Next, note that each drop of the 10 mL bottle with 15% CBD contains 7.5 mg of cannabidiol. Finally, depending on your needs, it is recommended that you take between 50 mg and 150 mg of CBD per day

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