750 MG CBD Full Spectrum capsule, 30 capsules Chanvréo

750 MG CBD Full Spectrum capsule, 30 capsules Chanvréo

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Want to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol but don't like the taste of CBD oil? Then opt for the full spectrum CBD capsules from the Chanvréo brand. An original and fun format that makes it easy to take and allows you to consume CBD discreetly and at any time of day.

Discover the full spectrum CBD capsules from Chanvreo

The full spectrum CBD capsules offered by the Chanvréo brand are ideal for consuming CBD without having the slight taste of hemp in your mouth. The benefits of CBD full spectrum capsules are the same as CBD oil, which include: Improved quality of sleep, with a reduction in the time it takes to fall asleep, insomnia, nightmares and night wakings, A reduction in body pain, whether it is muscle cramps, pain related to menstrual cycles, or migraines and headaches, Improved digestion due to anti-inflammatory effects, Stress more easily avoided and evacuated, and a reduction in feelings of anxiety, Etc. Chanvréo's CBD capsules are full spectrum, which means that they contain all the cannabinoid molecules of hemp. Their synergy allows for a more significant action.

How to consume CBD full spectrum capsules

To consume these capsules, we advise you to ingest them with a large glass of water or any other drink. Start by consuming one capsule to observe the effects on your body and mind. These effects appear approximately 30 minutes after ingestion. Each capsule contains 25 mg of CBD, so you can control your intake. You can consume up to two or three capsules per day, especially to chase away stress or fight pain related to arthritis or osteoarthritis. You can consume them at breakfast to start the day, or as soon as the need arises. To sleep better, consume one or two capsules 30 mn before going to bed. For best effectiveness, store the capsules in a cool, dry place and away from light.

Some additional information

Format: bottle of 30 capsules, Texture: softgels, CBD content: 750mg, Prohibited for pregnant and nursing women, Prohibited for children, Full spectrum, Brand: Chanvréo.

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