CBD Oil 30% Broad Spectrum Chanvreo

CBD Oil 30% Broad Spectrum Chanvreo

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Are you used to the effects of CBD and feel the need to switch to a more potent oil? Are you particularly stressed or have strong sleep disturbances? If so, try Chanvréo's Broad Spectrum CBD oil, containing 30% cannabidiol. Trust us, you'll feel the difference!

Discover Chanvreo's Broad Spectrum CBD oil

Oils containing 30% CBD are considered very potent. This concentration allows them to act effectively on recurring or more intense problems than usual, such as: A particularly stressful period, Repeated anxiety attacks, Increasingly long insomnia, Very intense migraines, Muscle cramps that you can't relieve, Etc. If you feel that CBD oil dosed at 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% is no longer enough to relieve you, opt for this version! It is intended mainly for people used to the effects of cannabidiol who need to go to the next level. If you are new to CBD consumption, opt for an oil with a lower CBD content.

How to consume Chanvreo's 30% Broad Spectrum CBD oil

To quickly feel effects on stress and improve well-being, place 5 to 6 drops under your tongue, and wait a few dozen seconds before swallowing. You will feel the first effects in less than 30 minutes. If you wish to consume CBD oil 30% more discreetly, pour a few drops in your dishes, your desserts or your hot drinks. In the last case, think of adding a fatty substance to facilitate the assimilation by the body. Chanvréo's Broad Spectrum CBD oil is naturally sourced and made in the European Union.

The benefits of Broad Spectrum CBD oil

By consuming this potent broad spectrum CBD oil, you will enjoy the entourage effect. This means that all the terpenes and cannabinoid molecules in the hemp plant will work synergistically to increase the action of cannabidiol tenfold. The only exception: THC. This last one has been removed from the formula during the extraction process. If you are sensitive to it, you can therefore consume this CBD oil in all serenity.

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