Broad Spectrum Chanvreo 40% CBD Oil

Broad Spectrum Chanvreo 40% CBD Oil

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Enjoy the incredible power of Chanvréo's Broad Spectrum CBD oil and its 40% CBD. An exceptional dosage that you won't find everywhere!

Everything you need to know about Broad Spectrum CBD oil by Chanvreo

Chanvréo's Broad Spectrum CBD oil contains 40% CBD, a level that allows for fast, powerful, and long-lasting effects. You won't find many CBD oils with a higher dosage: it's the perfect product for emergencies! You live a particularly stressful period, you can not concentrate or find productivity, you chain anxiety attacks and periods of insomnia? Then don't wait any longer and test the effects of Broad Spectrum CBD oil from Chanvréo. You can consume it with your food or drinks to work the bottom, but in case of imminent stress we advise you the sublingual method. By placing several drops under the tongue and waiting a few tens of seconds before swallowing so that the mucous membranes absorb the CBD, you will feel a real relief in less than 30mn.

Why choose a Broad Spectrum CBD oil ?

By choosing a Broad Spectrum CBD oil, you're going to get all the benefits of the hemp plant's molecules, except for THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Indeed, THC is the molecule creating risks of dependence and which has psychotropic effects, it is thus excluded from Broad Spectrum oils. The rest of the terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids of the hemp will act in synergy and make you benefit from the effect of surrounding. Thanks to its 40% CBD content, this oil will allow you to quickly feel the effects and relax both your body and mind.

The benefits of Chanvreo's 40% CBD oil

We recommend reserving the use of this oil for difficult times, when you need a real boost to get ahead, for example: In case of repeated insomnia, which affects your physical and mental form, In case of intense body pains, such as menstrual cramps, migraines or cramps related to physical effort, If you are going through a very difficult period emotionally and you can't think of anything else, If stress prevents you from living serenely on a daily basis, If your anxiety plays on your relationships with others, Etc.

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