CBD Oil 15% Broad Spectrum Chanvreo

CBD Oil 15% Broad Spectrum Chanvreo

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Take it to the next level by trying Chanvréo's Broad Spectrum CBD oil containing 15% cannabidiol. An ideal oil to experience stronger effects and a quick sense of relaxation.

Discover Chanvreo's Broad Spectrum CBD oil

The Chanvréo brand offers a full range of CBD oils, from 5% to 40%. Here, we offer an intermediate version: the 15% CBD oil. This dosage is ideal when you want to feel the effects of cannabidiol more than with a 5% oil. In less than 30 minutes after consumption, you will feel incredible effects on mental and physical well-being. Your body and your mind will be more relaxed, and you will be able to calmly resume the course of your day. It is also a broad spectrum oil, which means that it contains all the good cannabinoids that are naturally present in the hemp plant, except for THC. The latter is the molecule considered as a drug that provides psychotropic effects. You can therefore consume Broad Spectrum CBD oil from Chanvréo without fearing any risk of addiction. The presence of all these cannabinoid molecules and terpenes makes you enjoy the entourage effect that boosts the effectiveness of CBD.

What are the benefits of Broad Spectrum CBD oil from Chanvreo?

The benefits of Chanvréo's Broad Spectrum CBD oil are numerous. As it is an adaptogenic plant, you will feel the effects on your own problems, for example: Sleep disorders (trouble falling asleep, insomnia, nightmares, night awakenings ...) Poor stress management, Anxiety attacks or anxiety attacks, Digestion problems, Recurrent headaches and migraines, Cramps after physical exertion, Pain related to arthritis or osteoarthritis, Etc.

Consumption Tips

The easiest way to consume Chanvréo's Broad Spectrum CBD oil is the sublingual method. Place a few drops directly under the tongue using the pipette bottle, and leave for about 30 seconds before swallowing. You can also pour a few drops of this oil in an infusion (by adding a fatty substance), a dish or a drink. The 10ml bottle contains coconut oil to aid the digestion process.

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