CBD Oil 5% Water Soluble Chanvreo

CBD Oil 5% Water Soluble Chanvreo

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Want to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil with a formula that is easily assimilated by the body? Then try Chanvréo's 5% Water Soluble CBD oil. Consuming CBD oil has never been more accessible!

Discover Chanvréo's 5% Water Soluble CBD Oil

With its 5% CBD (cannabidiol) content, Chanvréo brand's Water Soluble CBD Oil can be consumed by both those new to the molecule and those seasoned in the effects on their bodies. This rate makes the oil ideal for daily use, or several uses per day. For that, deposit some drops under the language thanks to the pipette, and let act approximately 30 seconds before swallowing. Thus, the molecule of cannabidiol will be able to be assimilated quickly by the body via the mucous membranes. You can consume this CBD oil during a stressful or difficult day, or in the evening before bed to facilitate sleep and improve the quality of sleep.

What are the benefits of water-soluble CBD oil ?

The "classic" CBD oil is lipophilic, that is, it has an affinity with fats such as oil or butter. This is why we often recommend adding a fatty substance to your infusions to improve the absorption of CBD by the body. To simplify the use and the consumption, the CBD oil 5% Water Soluble Chanvréo has the advantage of being diluted in all liquids! You can therefore add it as is to your teas, herbal teas or even in your dishes. Thanks to the better assimilation of CBD molecules by the body, with the same number of drops, this water-soluble oil is more effective than a classic CBD oil.

Characteristics of CBD Oil 5% Water Soluble Chanvréo

Chanvreo 5% Water Soluble CBD Oil is made in the European Union. It does not contain THC, the hemp molecule that has psychoactive effects and creates a risk of addiction. We recommend you to keep the bottle in a cool and dry place, and away from light. Shake the product lightly before each consumption. Chanvréo 5% Water Soluble CBD Oil is not suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers or minors.

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