CBD Oil 20% Broad Spectrum Chanvreo

CBD Oil 20% Broad Spectrum Chanvreo

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Enjoy the power of Chanvréo's Broad Spectrum CBD oil and its 20% cannabidiol. A perfect level to get a deep sense of relaxation no matter what your consumption habits.

Everything you need to know about Chanvréo's Broad Spectrum CBD oil

Concentrated at 20%, Chanvréo's Broad Spectrum CBD oil will quickly become your new wellness asset. It quickly provides a sense of relaxation and peace of mind, and can also relieve body aches and pains like inflammation or aches related to difficult digestion. If you are used to 5% or 10% oils, you will feel a difference! The method of consumption remains the same: pour a few drops directly under the tongue and wait before swallowing. You can also choose to incorporate it into drinks or recipes for cooking or desserts. You can consume this CBD oil at any time of the day if you are a seasoned consumer. If not, avoid taking it before driving, while you get to know the effects on your body. To do this, start with only a few drops and then gradually increase the dosage until you get the desired effect. Consumed before bedtime, Chanvréo's Broad Spectrum CBD oil can help you get a deeper, more restful night's sleep.

Why choose a Broad Spectrum CBD oil

A CBD oil labeled "Broad Spectrum" obviously contains cannabidiol, but also many terpenes and other cannabinoid molecules from the hemp plant. However, during the extraction process, the THC molecule (tetrahydrocannabinol) was excluded. You can therefore consume CBD oil 20% without fear of psychoactive effects. By combining all the other hemp molecules, Broad Spectrum CBD oil offers the benefits of the entourage effect, which is a synergy that allows CBD (cannabidiol) to produce even more effects. Finally, this Broad Spectrum CBD oil from Chanvréo has an excellent quality / price ratio!

Additional Features

Size: 10ml, CBD content: 20%, Manufacturing: European, Allergen free, THC free, Brand: Chanvréo.

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