Greeneo E-Liquid CBD Candy Jack - 10ml


Greeneo offers you to discover e-liquids at the CBD through top-of-the-range products. With the Candy Jack, you will find the flavours of different varieties of hemp to enjoy a sweet and acidulous e-liquid at the same time. The Candy Jack is an e-liquid for cigarettes.

The whole range of Greeneo e-liquid and without made in France and without THC

CBD Candy Jack E-Liquid - 10ml

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We offer you a e-liquid CBD CANDY JACK of the Greeneo brandin a 10 ml bottle. Made in France, this product which has no psychotropic effect is fully legal.

What is the CBD CANDY JACK? e-liquid ?

The CBD e-liquid CANDY JACK is with special flavors famous varieties of the green legal hemp plant. It is also fully spiced so that its consumption fills you with pep throughout the day. It is a top-of-the-range e-liquid that we offer you. It is both sweet and sour.

Processed under strict conditions, this e-liquid is intended to be consumed with an electronic cigarette. It is contained in a glass vial equipped with a pipette and a child safety device. This makes the product easy and safe to use.

With a key figure PG/VG of 80/20, the e-liquid CBD CANDY JACK, does not create dependency effects on its consumer. It does not contain THC and, on the contrary, it has very appreciated therapeutic virtues. In addition, it is with powerful relaxing and energizing effects. It's also an excellent anti-stress and anxiolytic.

How do I use the CBD CANDY JACK - 10 ml? e-liquid ?

Easy to use, this e-liquid CBD CANDY JACK can be consumed by being added to a dripper, in a few drops. You can also fill the reservoir of your e-cigarette using the product's glass pipette. In addition, it is possible to mix a few drops of your e-liquid into your various recipes. Also, the CBD CANDY JACK e-liquid can be added to other non-cannabidiol e-liquids.

In addition, to use your e-liquid efficiently, you must vaporize it according to the doses. In this regard, note that: the more your electronic cigarette vaporizes the product, the lower the dose of the latter must be. Also, if the dose is less than 150 mg per 10 ml, the vaporization must be done in small regular sessions and long duration. This will allow you to benefit more easily from the relaxing effects of the product.

In the case of a dosage between 150 and 300 mg per 10 ml, you will notice the effects of cannabidiol more quickly. That said, spray sessions should be done gradually and spaced out. Finally, in the case of a dosage higher than 500 mg per 10 ml, always make sure to dilute your e-liquid with a neutral base without nicotine.

THC levels
Less than 0.2%.

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