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Add a few drops to your e-liquids or dilute it with a neutral base to add CBD to your preparations.

CBD E-Liquid Booster - 10ml

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We offer you a e-liquid booster of CBD very easy to use, especially to create your own e-liquid. It is a legal product of very high quality that doesn't contain THC.

What are the advantages of CBD's e-liquid booster?

In a 10 ml bottle, the CBD e-liquid booster that we offer you has been made in France by the brand Greeneo. It has been designed to allow you to quickly manufacture your e-liquids with a perfectly customized dosage. Also, with its neutral tasteYou can easily add it to all your preparations.

In addition, it is packaged in a glass vial equipped with a pipette and a child-resistant device. The pipette makes the product convenient, as it facilitates its use and dosage. Moreover, with its formulation, it will allow you to get the full benefits of cannabidiol.

The effects of the CBD booster

Without any psychoactive effect, CBD's e-liquid booster is beneficial to health. Indeed, it is an excellent anti-stress that can help you to de-stress after a long day. In this respect, it is useful in case of insomnia, as it helps you to have a restful sleep.

Similarly, CBD's e-liquid booster provides powerful relaxation effects. It is also a good anxiolytic, without any addictive effect.

How do I use CBD's booster e-liquid - 10 ml?

To use this e-liquid booster from CBD, add a few drops in your other e-liquids. It is also possible to mix this product with a base with a high concentration of propylene glycol. You can also dilute the product with a neutral base, in order to add CBD in your different preparations (food and drinks). Note that it has a very high concentration of CBD, so you must dilute it.

When diluting the product, choose a neutral base that does not contain nicotine. That said, make sure you never consume the e-liquid booster of CBD in its current state.. In addition, for very precise dosages of your e-liquid booster, you can use a syringe. This will allow you to have the perfect quantity defined to bring a good content of CBD to your preparations.

CBD's e-liquid booster has no flavorings, so you can easily customize its flavor. To do so, do not hesitate to add your favourite concentrated flavours

THC levels
Less than 0.2%.

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