Critical cheese

Critical cheese

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Critical Cheese 11% - CBD flower

With a CBD (cannabidiol) content of 11%, the Sativa-dominant Critical Cheese hemp variety is accessible to all consumers. Its light to moderate relaxing virtues are even perfectly suited to daytime consumption. Grown indoors, Critical Cheese CBD flowers deliver an indulgent cheesy scent.

The specifics of the Critical Cheese variety

The Critical Cheese CBD flowers we present come from Indoor cultivation. Indoor cultivation produces premium-quality flowers with magnificent buds studded with orange pistils. Thanks to controlled cultivation parameters, each flower is rich in flavor and virtues.

In this case, Critical Cheese is known for its lightly spicy, fruity and woody cheese scent. This exceptional taste is explained by its heritage: a genetic cross between Cheese and Critical Plus. In other words, it's an improved version of the famous Cheese combined with the power of Critical.

Each flower has been carefully harvested and hand-manicured by professional hemp growers. The CBD (cannabidiol) content is 11% and the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content is less than 0.3%, in line with European standards. Critical Cheese CBD therefore provides no psychoactive effects or any form of dependency. Only the benefits of cannabis await you!

The virtues of Critical Cheese CBD flowers

Critical Cheese is a Sativa-dominant hemp variety, meaning it's slightly cerebral stimulant. Its Sativa side translates into improved mood, motivation and productivity. Generally speaking, Sativa varieties are recommended for daytime consumption, as they don't make you sleepy.

On a mental level, Critical Cheese helps to fight stress, anxiety and all the negative emotions that are an obstacle to your well-being. If you consume it before bedtime, it can help you fight sleep disorders without knocking you out with fatigue.

On a physical level, it can help you soothe most aches and pains thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic virtues. It's an excellent natural painkiller with no side effects.

The scent of Critical Cheese CBD flowers

The scent of Critical Cheese is true to its genetics. There's a fruity, spicy, woody cheese scent with some herbal and earthy notes. Finer palates will notice its minty, lemony aftertaste that adds a refreshing edge.

The different ways to consume Critical Cheese

To consume your Critical Cheese CBD flowers, you can choose between inhalation via a vaporizer, use in cooking or infusion. These healthy consumption methods avoid tobacco and combustion.

Please store your CBD flowers away from heat and humidity, preferably in an airtight container such as the original packaging.

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