Fleur CBD Cannabomb 23%
Fleur CBD Cannabomb 23%

Cannabomb CBD flower 23%.

22,05 € INCL. VAT

Instead of 31,50 € INCL. VAT

as early as 2,53 € /g
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Want to buy CBDand your heart is swinging between indicaand sativa? Thanks to our CANNABOMB Indoor, you will not have to choose anymore: it is a hybrid product, offering to your taste buds a marriage of flowers with exquisite perfumes.

The features of Cannabomb Indoor

Enjoy the flavors of CANNABOMB Indoor, made with a "50/50" recipe that we have the secret to. This organic product has a CBD content of 23%, for a minimal THC level (0.18 only). You have the choice between several quantities, to vary the pleasures. Indeed, batches of 5, 10 or 25 g are available now, with an excellent quality/price ratio:

5 grams for 31.50€.

10 grams for 56.74€.

25 grams for €106.67.

In just a few clicks and via our efficient delivery system, you'll be able to taste this subtle plant-based alloy.

It's aesthetic already has something to appeal to nature lovers. Cannabomb's flowers feature a pretty green color with orange highlights, and they are grown and packaged with infinite delicacy in the heart of indoor operations.

Everything is done to ensure that cannabis achieves its full potential, without ever presenting the dangers of illegal productions. So you can buy quality CBD at the best price, primed in an ideal context and in compliance with all standards.

The benefits and properties of Cannabomb Indoor CBD

The CANNABOMB indoor is among the most popular products on our online sales site. It combines the benefits of indica and sativa, both of which are ideal for those who want to relax, focus and better concentrate.

This resinous-textured product holds treasures for your health and wellness. Vehicles of serenity, they make it easier to access meditative and/or relaxing states. So you'll never lose touch with reality... on the contrary, the CANNABOMB allows you to appreciate the present moment,naturally.

The components are also known to soothe headaches and help restore quality sleep.

How to consume CANNABOMB

There are many options available to you to enjoy the many virtues of sativa and indicathrough the CANNABOMB Indoor.

You can for example integrate it into recipes. It will surprise and tantalize your palate, delicately piquing it with its woody flavors and citrus-scented fragrances. All of this is sublimated by well-balanced pineapple flavors. Its terpene content makes this tropical gem a gourmet treat, which should delight lovers of exotic cuisine.

You can also enjoy this generous bouquet in infusion. Something to get away from the ever-present chamomile...though we don't question their virtues, obviously. Let's be fair.

The CANNABOMB: a burst of natural flavor

Want to explore new taste horizons? You won't be disappointed in the least when you order the CANNABOMB Indoor. Its hybrid nature, half-indica half-sativa, suggests delicious herbal teas and dishes, to feel good in your body and in tune with your mind.

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earthy, woody, mixed, pineapple

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