Fleur CBD Gorilla Queen 21.7%
Fleur CBD Gorilla Queen 21.7%

Fleur CBD Gorilla Queen 21.7%

22,05 € INCL. VAT

Instead of 31,50 € INCL. VAT

as early as 2,53 € /g
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Our online storespecializing in the sale of CBDintroduces you to her majesty GORILLA QUEEN Indoor, an amazing variety of cannabidiol with many benefits.

The characteristics of Gorilla Queen Indoor

The GORILLA QUEEN Indooris a flower with a simply unique aesthetic and fragrance. Its total CBD rises to 21.7%, while it contains only 0.19% THC, a truly minimal content that does not represent the slightest danger and allows its marketing legally.

Concerned about offering a formula adapted to the needs of all our customers, we have declined our offer in three ranges, for a price very competitive:

The lot of 5 g costs 31.50€

The lot of 10 g costs 56.74€.

The lot of 25 g cost 106.67€.

You will enjoy a flower grown entirely indoors, by experts concerned with treating each crop with the utmost rigor. The GORILLA QUEEN is a true ode to natural creativity: you'll be surprised by the wide range of tropical flavors that characterize its flowers.

It obviously proves to be rich in cannabidiol.It presents a bouquet of pleasant aromas of pine bark, ripe fruit, citrus and coffee. The fruity freshness and intensity complement each other, leading to relaxation and well-being, for a moment of incomparable soothing and serenity.

The benefits and properties of CBD Gorilla Queen Indoor

Cannabis, in its legal forms (and that's exactly what we offer), allows for natural expansion, giving a nice bio and natural alternative to chemical and industrial drugs. The GORILLA QUEEN, rich in cannabidiol, opens the doors to a havior of relaxation.

Many consumers already won over testify to the powerful pain reliever that CBD is. The souling is immediate and allows to fall asleep faster.

Just imagine: with GORILLA QUEEN, you enjoy a great-tasting flower while promoting your inner harmony,that oh-so-fragile balance between body and mind.

How to consume GORILLA QUEEN CBD

We know that some people directly associate hemp with smoking, but that's far from the only possibility you have! In fact, it's not the one we particularly recommend. A more healthy alternative is to turn to cooking or brewing.

Let your creativity run wild: you can get dishesor drinks that are irresistible, with unique flavors, inviting to traveland relax.

Beware of clichés: our CBD GORILLA QUEEN will not be a source of hallucinations or cause damage to your psyche. The dose of THC is in line with regulatory requirements, giving you just the right amount of relaxation and greed.

The CBD GORILLA QUEEN: a royal CBD flower

Our CBD GORILLA QUEEN flower is as powerful as a gorilla queen would be ready to protect her territory. But it's your body, in this case, that it's all about protecting. Against pain and anxiety.

Rich in cannabidioland very low in THC, this lovely plant is available now at small prices, for effective delivery. So, ready for a healthy cannabis experience, sublimated by the scent of tropical royalty?

Type de produit
Types de fleurs
Gorilla Queen
THC levels
CBD rate
Very powerful
Pine, citrus and ripe fruit
Relaxation, Pain and Sleep
For sprays, infusions and cooking
Durée de conservation
6 months after opening
Conseil de conservation
Store in a cool, dark and dry place.
From 5g to 100g (hermetic bag)
Compact flowers

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a bit wet, but overall excellent nugs. Very aromatic, and flavorful.

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