Mango Kush Flower 23.7%.
Mango Kush Flower 23.7%.
Mango Kush Flower 23.7%.

Flower CBD Mango Kush 23,7%

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We offer you a CBD flower premium quality called Mango Kush. With its weight of 5 g, it contains THC at a level of less than 0,2 %. It is therefore a 100% legal product and complies with European standards.

The Mango Kush 23.7% CBD flower: what are the advantages?

The CBD Mango Kush flower is derived from an excellent, laboratory-tested and legal organic hemp variety. It was grown under the best conditions. This has made the flower authentic, with a very fruity mango taste. Also, it offers a sweet flavor and a delicious perfume.

The Mango Kush flower concentrates all the benefits of the CBD and will undoubtedly bring you well-being and relaxation. Moreover, it is a product 100% naturalIt is manufactured without any use of pesticides or herbicides.

What are the effects of the Mango Kush flower?

The flower of CBD Mango Kush is a effective solution to many ills. First of all, it is a natural anti-inflammatory that relieves inflammation quickly. It is also an effective remedy against stress. It is very powerful in the treatment of insomnia. It can also be used in people suffering from back pain.

In addition, thanks to its high cannabidiol content, this flower helps reduce anxiety and protect your cardiovascular system. It is also effective in the case of smoking cessation, with good medical supervision.

Moreover, the Mango Kush flower has the advantage of being easy to eat, thanks to its good taste. So do not hesitate to integrate it into your daily life, in order to benefit from a general improvement of your well-being.

How to eat Mango Kush? properly?

The CBD flower Mango Kush can be consumed in three different ways: in infusionin vaporization and in kitchen. Thus, the flower can be infused in boiling water for a little more than 10 minutes. In this case, in order to obtain a good infusion, it is necessary to add a fat substance to the preparation.

When vaporizing, use the appropriate device to vaporize a few grams of flower at a temperature of more than 170 degrees. Moreover, in the kitchen, the Mango Kush flower can be added to various culinary recipes

Note that the consumption of the CBD flower Mango Kush is forbidden to minors and pregnant women.

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