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Asteroid Comet CBD

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Asteroid Comet 85% - CBD Flower

It's hard to find a CBD flower as potent as Asteroid Comet on the market. With 85% CBD, it's undoubtedly the only variety capable of offering you such powerful relaxing effects. To achieve such a result, the CBD flowers have been coated with over 90% crystals and over 60% wax. The flavours and effects of traditional hemp are then multiplied tenfold for your greatest pleasure!

The specifics of Asteroid Comet

The CBD flowers used to make Asteroid Comet come from Indoor cultivation. This cultivation method optimizes all parameters, including light, temperature and humidity. Only hemp professionals are able to carry out this kind of cultivation with state-of-the-art equipment.

Indoor cultivation produces high-quality flowers, with high CBD content and strong flavours. Before they end up as little comets, they are harvested and manicured by hand by professionals. Each bud is then coated with crystals and wax to increase the CBD (cannabidiol) content up to 85%.

Although it's ultra-potent, Asteroid Comet CBD flower doesn't cause any psychoactive effects or any form of addiction, as it contains less than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). You can therefore consume it with complete peace of mind to access a whole new level of well-being and relaxation.

The virtues of Asteroid Comet CBD flowers

CBD flowers offer powerful relaxing virtues. That's why we recommend their use to discerning consumers who are already familiar with the effects of CBD on their bodies. Depending on your sensitivity and needs, this high CBD content may be of interest. For example, people suffering from intense chronic pain can consume this Asteroid Comet. Indeed, the anti-inflammatory and analgesic virtues will be quite effective in relieving most everyday aches and pains.

Preferably consumed at the end of the day, Asteroid Comet makes it easier to fall asleep and improves sleep quality thanks to its regulatory action on the endocannabinoid system. If you suffer from sleep disorders, this is undoubtedly the natural solution you need for peaceful nights.

Asteroid Comet is also an excellent choice for fighting stress, anxiety and temporary depression. By releasing physical and mental tensions for a few hours, you'll feel light and serene, ready to enter a bubble of well-being.

The scent of Asteroid Comet CBD flowers

Because it's covered in crystals and wax, Asteroid Comet CBD flower has aromas as powerful as its effects. In addition to the earthy, herbal aromas typical of hemp, there are some lemony, sweet and refreshing notes.

The different ways to consume Asteroid Comet

To optimize your consumption, we recommend crumbling Asteroid Comet by hand or with a knife. Avoid using a grinder, which could alter the quality of the product.

Once cut into pieces, the flower can be eaten in a dish, as an herbal tea or by vaporization. For smokers, it's also possible to use a pipe, bong or bubbler.

Store your Asteroid Comet CBD flowers in an airtight container such as the original packaging. By protecting them from humidity and heat, you'll preserve their quality for around 6 months.

Type de produit
Types de fleurs
THC levels
CBD rate
Very powerful
Lemon, Sweet and earthy
Inflammations, Pain, Sleep, Stress & Anxiety
Inhalation, vaporization, cooking or with an electronic cigarette
Durée de conservation
6 months after opening
Conseil de conservation
At room temperature, in a dry, dark place.
5g (hermetic bag)
Très (très) compact

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