Cheap CBD Flower OG Kush 17,3%.
Cheap CBD Flower OG Kush 17,3%.
Cheap CBD Flower OG Kush 17,3%.

A spicy CBD flower!

The OG Kush is known for its reputation for offering a unique flavour and long-lasting soothing effect. The OG Kush flower remains true to its famous sativa-dominant stature in terms of flavour, smell and taste.

Flower OG Kush 17.3% CBD

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The flower OG KUSH that we offer you contains 17.3% CBD. It has a THC level of less than 0.2%, which makes it a legal product.

The advantages of the OG KUSH 17.3% CBD flower

The OG KUSH flower has been laboratory tested and complies with European standards. Also, it has been preserved in the best conditions, before its marketing. Likewise, it has been cultivated without the use of pesticides and GMOs. Thus, it is a flower 100% natural that does not contain any psychotropic or addictive substances.

The Flower CBD OG KUSH is the result of a crossbreeding of very famous hemp varieties. That said, it has a good citrusy taste tending towards lemon, in addition to a woody taste coming from KUSH. Its consumption thus offers a unique flavor and lasting peace.

Note that the OG KUSH flower is one of the most powerful hemp flowers. It is highly appreciated and known for its strong aroma, smell and taste.

The effects of the CBD flower OG KUSH

Without any psychoactive effect, the OG KUSH flower has the numerous virtues therapeutic hemp. That said, it will offer you relaxing, soothing, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. As a result, it is particularly effective for relieve physical pain and chronic pain.

It quickly provides a powerful relaxed feeling and well-being. Thus, you can consume it at the end of the day, to avoid insomnia. This will allow you to find a quality, deep and regenerative sleep.

The OG KUSH flower also promotes concentration. It also helps to fight depression, stress and anxiety. It also helps to calm nausea and tremors.

The use of the OG KUSH

The OG KUSH flower can be sprayed or infused.. When spraying, use a device designed for this purpose, using a few grams of flower. Note that this mode of consumption allows you to have a soft smoke, in addition to the pleasant effects you will enjoy.

As an infusion, you will need to let a few grams of the OG KUSH flower infuse for at least 10 minutes. Please note that the flower should be infused in water that contains fat for best results.

Type de produit
CBD rate
THC levels
Less than 0.2%.
Very strong
Diesel, skunk, spicy
Relaxation Douleurs Sommeil
Vaporisation Infusion Plats
Durée de conservation
6 mois après ouverture
Conseil de conservation
À l'abri de l'humidité et la lumière, au frais
Sachet hermétique de 5g à 100g

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