Flower CBD GrandDaddy Purple 17.9%.
Flower CBD GrandDaddy Purple 17.9%.
Flower CBD GrandDaddy Purple 17.9%.

Flower CBD GrandDaddy Purple 17.9%.

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The flower GRANDDADDY PURPLE is 17.9% CBD-rich. It contains THC at less than 0.2%, making it a 100% legal compound.

Advantages of the GRANDDADDY PURPLE 17.9% CBD flower

The CBD GRANDDADDY PURPLE flower is beautiful and fully crystallized. It comes from a legal hemp variety from great quality. The latter has been rigorously selected and refined, in order to let its power express itself. Moreover, the Flower CBD has been cultivated in the right conditions to remain authentic. Thus, it has a strong genetic potential, in addition to its beautiful natural purple reflections.

The GRANDDADDY PURPLE flower weighs 5 g and surprises with its relaxing effects. Indeed, it brings rest to body and mind. It is endowed with a rather pleasant earthy smell, with very marked notes of wild berries. When ripe, it has a rich tastewith strong grape tones.

To consume well the flower of CBD GRANDDADDY PURPLE

You can consume the GRANDDADDY PURPLE flower by vaporizationusing a good quality device. This mode of consumption will allow you to benefit from the pleasant hit that the puffs of this sprayed flower provide. To do this, spray a few grams of the flower at a temperature of over 170 degrees.

In addition, it is possible to consume the GRANDDADDY PURPLE flower in infusion. In this case, boil a few grams of flower in water containing a fatty substance such as vegetable oil. Also, we recommend that you leave the flower to infuse for at least 10 minutes.

Finally, it is possible to integrate the GRANDDADDY PURPLE flower into various culinary recipes. For example, it can be eaten with a flavoured soup or sauce.

The effects of the GRANDDADDY PURPLE

With its cannabidiol content, the GRANDDADDY PURPLE flower has powerful therapeutics. By the way, it can be used to soothe neuropathic pain. It is very effective in resolving sleep problems.

It helps increase and stabilize mood. It also reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety. Also, thanks to its relaxing effect, it increases the feeling of well-being and serenity

As such, it can encourage enthusiasm, motivation and self-confidence. This flower can also be used to promote concentration and memorization.

CBD rate
THC levels
Less than 0.2%.
Fruit spice
Very strong
Sous serre

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