Flower CBD Pineapple Express 14.9%
Flower CBD Pineapple Express 14.9%
Flower CBD Pineapple Express 14.9%

Flower CBD Pineapple Express 14.9%

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The flower EXPRESS PINEAPPLE is rich in CBD at a suitable rate of 14.9%. It weighs 5 g and contains THC at a regulatory level of 0.2%.

Advantages of the EXPRESS PINEAPPLE flower 14.9% CBD

The Flower CBD EXPRESS PINEAPPLE has the juiciness of a freshly picked pineapple. It therefore has a fruity taste particularly pleasant, in the mouth. It is guaranteed 100% organicbecause it has been grown under the best conditions of temperature and humidity control. Also, it does not contain pesticides or GMOs. Moreover, with its THC content, it is completely legal. Moreover, it has been carefully tested in the laboratory and meets European standards.

In addition, the EXPRESS PINEAPPLE flower comes from a cannabis variety with light green buds. These are also dense and have a thick resin. That said, this flower has many therapeutic benefits. Also, you can feel its powerful, captivating aromas as soon as you get close to it. Finally, refinedThe EXPRESS PINEAPPLE CBD flower has been manufactured by conscientious producers.

The effects of the EXPRESS PINEAPPLE CBD flower

The EXPRESS PINEAPPLE CBD flower has a powerful energizing effects. It is ideal for staying active and focused during the day. It also promotes memory. It has a strong relaxing effect to calm the symptoms of attention disorders and depression. It is also effective in reducing chronic fatigue. In addition, you can use it to soothe mild pain.

In addition, the CBD EXPRESS PINEAPPLE flower can be consumed in the case of a slimming diet. Finally, note that it has soothing and therapeutic properties. These include analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiepileptic and anxiolytic properties.

Some advice on how to use the EXPRESS PINEAPPLE flower

The flower of CBD EXPRESS PINEAPPLE can be consumed by infusion in boiling water containing a fatty substance. The fat can be soy milk or a vegetable oil of your choice. It can also be consumed by vaporization or be added to your different culinary recipes.

Note that CBD flowers are generally used in self-medication for their well-being effect. Also, their consumption is prohibited to minors and pregnant women.

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