Cheap CBD Flower Harlequin 15,9% off the shelf
Cheap CBD Flower Harlequin 15,9% off the shelf
Cheap CBD Flower Harlequin 15,9% off the shelf

Flower CBD Harlequin 15,9%.

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We market the HARLEQUIN flower rich in CBD at a rate of 15.9%.. With a weight of 5 g, it is a concentrate of all the benefits of cannabidiol.

The advantages of the HARLEQUIN 15.9% CBD flower

With a very pleasant taste, the Flower CBD HARLEQUIN is 100% legal and complies with European standards. In this respect, it has a THC levels less than 0.2%.. It's made only from very good legal varieties of hemp. Also, this flower has been preserved in excellent conditions. Moreover, it has been rigorously selected and refined so it's top quality. It is very powerful in the mouth and will make you benefit from the energizing effects of cannabidiol.

The HARLEQUIN flower has a very good taste and is well manicured. It has been cultivated in the right conditions to have a very strong and authentic fruity smell. The bar has been set very high in order to have a hemp flower containing all the benefits of cannabidiol. It has delicious aromas and is soft in the mouth.

The use of the HARLEQUIN flower

We advise you to use the HARLEQUIN flower from CBD in spray, in infusion or in kitchen. When spraying, you can treat the HARLEQUIN flower with the appropriate device. As an infusion, you can infuse them in boiling water containing a greasy substance. The latter can be a vegetable oil or soy milk. Also, let the preparation infuse for at least 10 minutes. In cooking, include the HARLEQUIN flower in your various recipes.

Moreover, for optimal consumption, always start with a low dosage. Then you can increase the dosage gradually, without exaggerating, until you get the desired effect. Note that the consumption of this flower is forbidden to under 18 years old as well as to pregnant women.

The effects of the CBD flower HARLEQUIN

The HARLEQUIN 15.9% CBD flower can be used to diverse applications. In particular, it is effective in the pain management and anxiety. Also, in addition to being an anxiolytic, CBD is a true pain reliever. In addition, the HARLEQUIN flower has powerful relaxing therapeutic effects that allow to fast asleep. It can therefore be used in the treatment of insomnia.

CBD rate
THC levels
Less than 0.2%.
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