Ringo's Gift

Ringo's Gift

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Ringo's Gift 10% - CBD Flower

Ringo's Gift hemp variety was named in tribute to the man considered the father of CBD, Lawrence Ringo. Indeed, this famous activist greatly contributed to the democratization of CBD. Today, this variety of cannabis is known for its fresh citrus and pine scent, but also for its relaxing virtues accessible to all.

The specifics of the Ringo's Gift variety

Ringo's Gift is the fruit of the marriage between Harle-Tsu and ACDC. This heritage gives it an earthy, herbaceous scent with delicious pine and citrus notes. Grown indoors, the Ringo's Gift CBD flower we present has been hand-harvested and manicured by hemp professionals.

Indoor cultivation allows plants to grow in optimal conditions since all parameters are controlled by high-tech devices. This control results in a high-end end product with pronounced flavors. In this case, Ringo's Gift is recognizable by its refreshing, bewitching scent.

With a CBD (cannabidiol) content of 10%, the relaxing effects are mild to moderate and may be suitable for the majority of consumers seeking physical and mental well-being. In line with European standards, Ringo's Gift CBD flower contains less than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), ensuring the absence of psychoactive effects.

The virtues of Ringo's Gift CBD flowers

Ringo's Gift is a hybrid hemp variety: 50% Indica, 50% Sativa. It's a perfectly balanced strain that can be enjoyed both during the day and in the evening. Its Sativa side translates into slight cerebral stimulation. In cases of stress and anxiety, this helps to improve mood, productivity and concentration.

Its Indica side helps promote relaxation in every way. Consumed in the evening, it facilitates falling asleep and combats sleep disorders such as insomnia. Physically, it helps release tension and plunge your body into a state of absolute relaxation. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, most aches and pains disappear naturally and without side effects.

The fragrance of Ringo's Gift CBD flowers

Ringo's Gift CBD flower is known for its refreshing citrus and earthy pine scent. On the palate, there are notes of fresh mint and spices such as pepper. A real treat for your taste buds.

The different ways to consume Ringo's Gift

To consume your Ringo's Gift CBD flowers in a healthy way, we advise you to opt for inhalation with a vaporizer, infusion or use in cooking. To use your CBD flowers in cooking, whether in a dish or a drink, you need to remember to add a little fat to activate the cannabinoids.

Concerning storage, you can store your flowers in the original packaging or in another airtight container to preserve their quality for around 6 months.

Type de produit
Types de fleurs
CBD rate
THC levels
50 % Indica, 50 % Sativa
Agrumes Terreux Pin
Stress & Anxiété Relaxation Douleurs
Vaporisation Infusion Plats
Durée de conservation
6 mois après ouverture
Conseil de conservation
À l'abri de l'humidité et la lumière, au frais
Sachet hermétique de 5g à 100g

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