Moby Dick 16% - Flower of CBD

Moby Dick 16% - Flower of CBD

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Moby Dick CBD flower is recognizable by its fruity scent with notes of honey and lemon. With its high 16% CBD content, it offers intense relaxing effects. Accessible to all consumers, this CBD flower is packed with benefits for body and mind. Ready to experience a true moment of well-being?

The specifics of the Moby Dick variety

The Moby Dick variety is the result of a genetic cross between White Widow and a Haze strain. This blend has given rise to a magnificent flower with a fruity and tangy taste, with a CBD (cannabidiol) content of 16%. Its THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content is less than 0.3% to match European standards. The relaxing effects are significant, but may be suitable for all consumers.

The Moby Dick CBD flowers we present were grown Indoor, then harvested and hand-manicured by professionals. Indoorgrowing allows plants to thrive in an optimized environment where all parameters are controlled, from light to room humidity levels. This results in premium quality flowers with unique flavors and enormous therapeutic potential.

The virtues of Moby Dick CBD flowers

Because of its Sativa dominance, Moby Dick CBD flower is perfect for daytime consumption. Indeed, Sativa strains are renowned for their euphoric and cerebral stimulant virtues. It's an ideal plant for reducing stress, anxiety and negative emotions that prevent you from accessing calm and serenity.

To further contribute to your well-being, Moby Dick CBD flower offers an analgesic and anti-inflammatory virtues that come to soothe all bodily pains. Whether it's chronic or occasional pain, you'll find great relief after consuming a little Moby Dick.

The scent of Moby Dick CBD flowers

Moby Dick CBD flower is recognized by its fruity and floral scent, with notes of honey and lemon. There are some earthy and herbal notes in the aftertaste. It's a light yet characterful flower that will appeal to hemp lovers and connoisseurs alike.

The different ways to consume Moby Dick

You can consume your Moby Dick CBD flower via inhalation using a bong, bubbler, pipe or vaporizer fitted with a temperature regulator.

To consume your flowers in an even healthier way, you can use them in cooking, in any recipe of your choice. Don't forget to add a fatty substance to your culinary preparation to activate the plant's cannabinoids.

Store your Moby Dick CBD flowers in a cool, dry place. You can store them in their original packaging, which is an airtight container designed for this purpose.

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