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Discover the AK47 variety and its floral, peppery, earthy and tangy scent. With a CBD (cannabidiol) content of 12%, its relaxing effects are mild to moderate, which may suit the majority of consumers seeking physical and mental well-being. Let yourself be seduced by these premium-quality AK47 CBD flowers from Greenhouse cultivation.

The specifics of the AK47 variety

The AK47 CBD flowers we present have been grown in greenhouses, harvested and hand-manicured by hemp professionals. Greenhouse growing provides cannabis plants with a natural environment, while enjoying protection from the weather and pests. This method optimizes the therapeutic potential of the plants, while preserving their natural flavors.

In this case, AK47 is characterized by floral, woody, tart and earthy aromas. Its name speaks volumes about its aromatic power. This unique result is the fruit of a blend of Afghan, Thai, Mexican and Colombian strains. Its origin is not certain, but it can be recognized by its elongated buds with shades of green and orange.

This flower has a CBD (cannabidiol) content of 12% for a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content of 0.3%. This guarantees the absence of psychoactive and addictive properties.

The virtues of AK47 CBD flowers

The AK47 variety is a 65% Sativa, 35% Indica hybrid. Sativa-dominant plants are renowned for their energizing and stimulating virtues. On a cerebral level, they improve mood, concentration and creativity. If you're prone to stress and anxiety, this is certainly the variety you need to restore your zest for life and good humor.

This variety is equally well suited to daytime or evening consumption. When consumed before bedtime, it facilitates falling asleep and considerably improves sleep quality. Its beneficial action on circadian rhythms helps to sustainably combat sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Finally, you can consume AK47 CBD flower to soothe your chronic pain. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it makes an excellent natural painkiller!

The scent of AK47 CBD flowers

KBD AK47 flowers deliver an intense scent with notes of pine, cedar and citrus. There are also floral, woody and peppery aromas. Once on the palate, the earthy, herbaceous flavors of authentic hemp are noticeable.

The different ways to consume AK47

To consume your AK47 CBD flowers via inhalation, you can use a vaporizer, bong, bubbler or pipe. Using a vaporizer with a temperature regulator is the healthiest option, as it prevents combustion.

You can also use your CBD flowers in cooking, in a dish or in a drink such as herbal tea. To do this, you need to cut them, heat them and add a fatty substance to your culinary preparation.

Store your AK47 CBD flowers in their original packaging or in the airtight container of your choice, away from light, heat and humidity.

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