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Purple Haze CBD

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Purple Haze 14% - CBD Flower

Grown indoors, the Purple Haze hemp variety is a high-end product, rich in flavor and therapeutic virtues. It's also one of the world's most famous varieties, with its purple buds and delicious grape-like fragrance. This hybrid variety (Indica-Sativa) is the result of a genetic cross between a Haze from Thailand and a Skunk from Holland.

Specifics of the Purple Haze variety

The Purple Haze CBD flower we offer has a CBD content of 14% and a THC content of less than 0.3%. In compliance with European standards, this 100% legal hemp flower does not induce any psychoactive effects or any form of addiction in consumers.

In order to guarantee optimal quality, Purple Haze flowers are grown according to the rules of the art, then harvested and manicured by hand. This allows us to offer you buds that are free of residues, ready for consumption, and as beautiful as they are tasty.


You can therefore enjoy the multiple benefits of this CBD flower with complete peace of mind. In particular, it is appreciated for its anti-stress and pain-relieving effects, which provide a gentle, natural way to achieve well-being.

The virtues of CBD Purple Haze flowers

CBD is widely known for its action on the human endocannabinoid system. A system common to all mammals that helps regulate the body's essential functions, namely: sleep, mood, appetite or even the perception of stress and pain. By acting on this system, CBD naturally regulates imbalances present in the body, which favors well-being and overall good health.

With its high 14% CBD content, Purple Haze flower can be useful in cases of stress, anxiety or temporary depression. As well as chasing away negative emotions, it helps you stay productive, focused and grounded in the present moment. If you have trouble falling asleep, know that it can also help you pass peaceful nights by combating insomnia and all sleep disorders.

Purple Haze CBD flower also offers you great relief on a physical level, thanks in particular to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic virtues. In other words, it's a natural painkiller that relieves most everyday aches and pains: headaches, muscle tension, joint or bone pain, painful periods, etc.

The scent of CBD Purple Haze flowers

If Purple Haze is so popular, it's mainly for its floral scent reminiscent of fresh lavender. Once on the palate, there are fruity aromas reminiscent of grapes and blackberries, just like its pretty purple buds.

Covered with orange trichomes, Purple Haze offers some earthy, woody and slightly spicy notes that reinforce its natural and authentic aromatic profile. If you love red fruits, the forest and nature, you'll love this variety of cannabis flowers.

The different ways to consume Purple Haze

To consume your Purple Haze CBD flowers, we recommend 3 options: vaporization, infusion or cooking. For vaporization, all you need is a vaporizer fitted with a temperature regulator preheated to around 180 degrees.

To make CBD herbal tea with your flowers, simply chop them into small pieces and infuse for a few minutes in boiling water. Don't forget to add a fatty substance such as honey to activate the cannabinoids.

In cooking, you can use your cut and heated flowers in any recipe of your choice. This will add a relaxing, comforting touch to any small dish.

For cooking, you can use your cut and heated flowers in any recipe of your choice.

Store them away from light and moisture to preserve their flavors and properties for several months. Store them preferably in their original packaging, which is an airtight pouch.

Preferably in their original packaging, which is an airtight pouch.

Type de produit
Types de fleurs
Purple Haze
THC levels
CBD rate
Ripe fruit, earthy and spicy
Sleep, Inflammation, Pain, Stress & Anxiety
For sprays, infusions and cooking
Durée de conservation
6 months after opening
Conseil de conservation
Store in a cool, dark and dry place.
From 5g to 100g (hermetic bag)
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