Trim of CBD
Trim of CBD

The CBD flower to the last gram !

A selection of crumbs and small flowers of CBD Premium from our best flower experts.

Trim Flower CBD 12% Premium - 20g

24,43 € INCL. VAT

Instead of 34,90 € INCL. VAT

as early as 1,22 € /g
  • 20g
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What is CBD trim?

From the English word "trim" meaning to cut in the direction of trimming or reducing the size, the CBD trim is simply made up of the crumbs of CBD flowers. The handling of the latter is not without slight losses during the various operations.

Our CBD flower trim consists of the crumbs of several varieties of CBD flowers. The CBD rate is therefore an average of the rate of different varieties.

What are the effects for the CBD trim?

The mixture of the different varieties creates an effect of surprise in terms of content. We don't control the exact content of this product ourselves. Therefore it may contain a CBD flower variety in the vast majority, or a more or less balanced heterogeneous mixture of 3 or 4 or more varieties.
Whatever happens, the relaxing effects are there because all our varieties have the general effect so characteristic of the CBD.

Why use CBD trim?

The main advantage is economical, since the price per gram is almost unbeatable! On the other hand, if the taste is below relaxing effects on the scale of your appreciation, then this is the ideal product for you.

Finally to test the CBD, it is also a good and rather economical alternative.

CBD rate
THC levels
Less than 0.2%.

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