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The 15 Best Varieties of CBD Flowers to Smoke

The world of CBD is booming, and for good reason: this legal alternative to traditional cannabis offers a multitude of benefits without the psychoactive effects of THC. If you're looking for the best CBD flowers to smoke, you've come to the right place. Discover our selection of the best CBD flowers available on Mega Market CBD.

Top 15 CBD flowers to smoke

Mango Kush CBD

Mango Kush is a flower that lives up to its name. With its distinctly fruity aromas reminiscent of fresh mango, it offers an exotic taste experience. Its high CBD content makes it ideal for deep relaxation without the psychoactive effects.

Trim CBD

Trim is a versatile flower, combining several varieties to offer a unique experience. It's perfect for those looking to discover a range of flavors in a single flower. Its balance between quality and price makes it a must-have.

Lemon Haze CBD

Lemon Haze immediately evokes bright citrus notes. Its lemony flavor, combined with optimal CBD levels, offers a refreshing experience, ideal for an invigorating break in the day.

Cannabomb CBD

Cannabomb is an explosion of flavors. Each puff reveals an aromatic richness, making it a prized flower for those seeking an intense taste experience. Its CBD content guarantees deep relaxation.

Amnesia Kush

Amnesia Kush is a flower for purists. It combines earthy notes with hints of citrus for an authentic experience. Its high CBD content makes it perfect for a relaxing evening.

Biscotti CBD

Biscotti CBD is a sweetness in itself. Its sweet aromas are reminiscent of freshly baked cookies, offering a smooth, soothing taste experience. It's ideal for those looking to combine pleasure and relaxation.


OG Kush is a legend among CBD flowers. It offers a perfect combination of earthy and woody flavors, with a hint of spice. Its CBD content makes it the flower of choice for guaranteed relaxation.

Blueberry Diesel

Blueberry Diesel is a delight for the senses. Its blueberry aromas mingle with diesel notes for a unique experience. It's perfect for those looking to discover bold new flavors.

Budda Zen CBD

Budda Zen is the flower of serenity. Its gentle, soothing aromas invite meditation and relaxation. It's ideal for a zen break in a hectic world.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express transports you straight to the tropics. Its notes of fresh pineapple offer an exotic, refreshing experience. It's perfect for a taste escape.


Cannatonic is a balanced flower. It combines sweet flavors with optimal CBD levels for a harmonious experience. It's ideal for those looking to find balance in their routine.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a mystical flower. Its deep aromas and purple nuances offer a mesmerizing experience. It's perfect for an introspective evening.

Jack Herrer

The Jack Herrer is a timeless classic. Its robust flavors and high CBD content make it the flower of choice for connoisseurs. It's ideal for an authentic experience.

Bubble Gum CBD

Bubble Gum is an explosion of sweetness. Its sweet aromas are reminiscent of childhood chewing gum, offering a nostalgic experience. It's perfect for a moment of sweetness.

Best Grape CBD

Best Grape is an invitation to a unique sensory journey. With a CBD content of 18.4%, it promises deep, long-lasting relaxation. Its aromas are reminiscent of ripe grapes, offering a sweet and fruity taste experience. It's the ideal flower for those looking to combine gustatory pleasure with the benefits of CBD.

How to choose the best CBD flower to smoke

  • Selecting the perfect CBD flower is a bit like choosing a fine wine. It's all about taste, quality and authenticity.
  • CBD level: This is the heart of your flower. The higher it is, the more you'll feel its relaxing effects. But beware, just like a wine that's too full-bodied, a level that's too high isn't for everyone. Find the right balance.
  • Growing method: Think organic, think pure. A flower grown without chemicals will offer you a healthier, more authentic experience. It's a bit like choosing an organically grown wine.
  • Aroma and freshness: A good flower can be recognized by its fragrance. If it smells good, it's fresh. And to keep it that way, remember to keep it in a dry place away from light.
  • Reviews count: Just as you'd read reviews of a wine before buying it, take a look at flower reviews. They can guide you to your perfect choice.

Whether you're a seasoned consumer or a novice to the world of CBD, Mega Market CBD offers a range of premium flowers to suit all your needs. Discover, savor and be transported by the excellence of our products.

Why choose Mega Market CBD?

Quality is at the heart of our concerns. At Mega Market CBD, we are committed to offering high-quality products, grown with care and guaranteed traceability. Each flower is selected for its unique properties, guaranteeing an unparalleled experience for our consumers.

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