Organic CBD Maté "Lemon Ginger" 35g -Pop CBD

Organic CBD Maté "Lemon Ginger" 35g -Pop CBD

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Do you know the strong taste of mate and want to enjoy it while benefiting from soothing properties? Then opt for Pop CBD's Organic Lemon Ginger Green Mate, and start a taste journey through South America!

Everything you need to know about Lemon Ginger Organic Green Mate

Do you feel physical or mental fatigue and want a boost to regain vitality? Then try Pop CBD's organic Lemon Ginger green mate! Its blend of organically grown ingredients helps to fight against all types of fatigue. To prepare it, let one or two teaspoons of the preparation infuse in boiling water for about 8 minutes. You can also let the preparation cool down to consume it fresh, and even add some ice cubes. As for the taste, you will obviously feel the recognizable flavors of mate and hemp, but you will also perceive some notes of citrus and ginger. The organic green mate Lemon Ginger can be consumed at any time of the day. However, the mate having energizing virtues, avoid consuming it in the evening if you suffer from sleep disorders or sleep disorders. The bag of organic green mate Lemon Ginger of 35 grams allows you to prepare about 18 cups.

What are the ingredients of organic green mate Lemon Ginger ?

The main ingredient of this Pop CBD formula is green mate, present at 53%. It contains both mental and physical fatigue. It allows us to stay alert and countered, so it is an ally of productivity. In addition, it contains many minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The organic green mate Lemon Ginger also contains 20% of hemp. It is a plant known to reduce stress and anxiety. It contains molecules that act on the nervous system and offer mental and physical relaxation. Ginger is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory superfood that helps relieve the immune system. Lemon and lemongrass add flavor to the mix. Also included are orange peel, physalis, marigold flowers and lime essential oil.

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Green Mate , Hemp CBD , lemongrass, lemon peel , ginger , orange peel, cape gooseberry, natural aroma (lemon, grapefruit), marigold flowers, lime essential oil

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