Organic CBD Infusion "Honey Rooibos" - Pop CBD
Organic CBD Infusion "Honey Rooibos" - Pop CBD

Organic CBD Infusion "Honey Rooibos" - Pop CBD

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Give yourself a moment of sweetness and relaxation with the organic Rooibos honey infusion and its 22% CBD. Its voluptuous taste offers you an ideal taste experience to relax, while the presence of hemp acts directly on the soothing of your nervous system. Don't wait another moment to try it!

Discover Pop CBD Honey Rooibos Organic Infusion

Notice to foodies, we've unearthed a delicious infusion from the Pop CBD brand! This recipe contains rooibos, honey and a touch of vanilla to treat the taste buds. This is still a mostly hemp-based herbal tea, which means that it works for your physical as well as your mental well-being. Indeed, the hemp plant contains many molecules, including CBD (cannabidiol). The latter acts directly on the body and mind through the endocannabinoid system. Effects include: reduced stress and anxiety, improved concentration, reduced fatigue, relief from body aches, headaches and migraines, and improved sleep quality.

What does the Honey Rooibos Organic Infusion consist of ?

This infusion contains 22% hemp. It has been formulated to bring you a real sense of relaxation. The effects are usually felt about 30 minutes after tasting. The infusion also contains 52% rooibos, a superfood rich in minerals and antioxidants that is very good for the digestive system. There is also honeybush, an adaptogenic plant that fights stress, honey for sweetness, as well as chamomile, date, marigold flowers and a touch of bourbon vanilla. Good to know: this infusion is certified 100% organic.

How to consume the organic infusion Rooibos honey.

To prepare your Pop CBD Honey Rooibos organic infusion, heat water to 90/100°C, then let one to two teaspoons of the preparation infuse for about 9 minutes. Add a fatty substance so that the molecules of CBD are better assimilated by your body, as milk for example. You can consume the organic infusion Rooibos honey at any time of day, up to two times a day.

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