Organic hemp infusion in bag Relaxation Pop CBD

Organic hemp infusion in bag Relaxation Pop CBD

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As the name suggests, this infusion is ideal for quickly bringing you a sense of relaxation, well-being and deep relaxation. You can consume it in case of a stress spike, during a difficult period or simply after a big day at work.

Everything you need to know about Relaxation organic hemp tea bag

Enjoy a moment of pure well-being by tasting Pop CBD's Relaxation organic hemp tea bag. Produced from organic farming, it contains hemp grown and selected with care to offer incomparable quality. The plants chosen to constitute this infusion have all an action on the relaxation, that it is mental or physical. It is thus a relaxation in the broad sense which awaits you with this infusion! The results? Letting go, acceptance, reduction of stress and body pains, but also more restful nights of sleep if you drink this infusion before going to bed. Among the ingredients, there is of course hemp (30%): it acts on relaxation, for the body as well as for the mind. Valerian is also a very relaxing plant and lemongrass has calming properties. The infusion contains sage, which relieves digestive disorders, turmeric, a superfood ideal for boosting the immune system, and lemon peel, refreshing and revitalizing. Good to know: this formula is caffeine and caffeine free, so you can drink it whenever you want.

What are the benefits of a CBD infusion ?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a molecule from the hemp plant that has many benefits on the well-being. This one enters in perfect synergy with the endocannabinoid system naturally present in our human body. The benefits of CBD are numerous, and some of them are related to relaxation: Soothes stress (chronic or temporary), Reduces anxiety and panic attacks, Brings a sense of mental well-being, Allows to find productivity, and to feel less overwhelmed, Reduces the time to fall asleep and the various sleep disorders, Reduces body pains, such as cramps or pain related to menstrual cycles. Our advice: for a better absorption of the CBD molecule by the body, add a fatty substance in your drink, like a touch of milk for example.


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