Organic CBD Infusion "Sweet Night" 25g - Pop CBD

Organic CBD Infusion "Sweet Night" 25g - Pop CBD

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Do you suffer from sleep disorders and are looking for an extra solution to overcome them? Then try Pop CBD's Sweet Night's Sleep Organic Infusion. With its selection of effective plants to sleep better and its hemp content (22%), this infusion will become your best ally to fall into the arms of Morpheus!

Discover the organic infusion for sleep Douce Nuit

It is in particular thanks to its finely selected hemp and its synergy of plants that the organic infusion for sleep Douce Nuit allows you to sleep better and recover better. It helps to improve several types of sleep disorders, including : The difficulty of falling asleep, The quality of sleep, The time of sleep. This infusion also allows to : Decrease the risk of insomnia, Reduce nightmares, Decrease the amount of night wakings. Over the course of the nights, you will notice a palpable improvement in the quality of your sleep? In the morning, you will feel rested and fresh and ready to start the day! This 25-gram sachet allows you to prepare approximately 14 cups. For maximum effectiveness, consume it after dinner and one hour before bedtime. The infusion is prepared by letting one to two teaspoons infuse in boiling water for about 8 minutes. Remember to add a fatty substance so that the CBD is well assimilated by the body.

What are the ingredients of the organic infusion for sleep Douce Nuit ?

In the organic infusion for the sleep Douce Nuit of Pop CBD, we find of course the flagship ingredient of the brand, the hemp. Present at 22%, it provides calming and soothing benefits. Hemp contains cannabidiol, a molecule known for its action on the nervous system and stress management. The Douce Nuit infusion also contains lemon balm, which fights nervousness, chamomile, a plant that has been used for thousands of years to help you sleep better, and lavender, which has sedative actions that are ideal for relieving the nervous system. Other ingredients complete the action of the infusion: raspberry leaves provide essential vitamins and minerals, blueberry flowers and fennel facilitate digestion, and apple helps activate the metabolism. We also find, in lesser quantities, dates, carrot, lemon peel, verbena leaves, yarrow, hop flowers, St. John's wort and peach. Good to know: the organic infusion for sleep Douce Nuit is certified from organic farming by the label "AB".

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Lemonbalm,hemp,Raspberry,chamomile,Apple,Blueberry flowers,Lavender,Fennel

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