Organic hemp infusion in bag "Anti-stress" Pop CBD

Organic hemp infusion in bag "Anti-stress" Pop CBD

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Are you going through a difficult time or are you naturally prone to stress? We have a solution for you: the Pop CBD Anti-Stress Organic Hemp Infusion in a bag. Discover its benefits and enjoy moments of relaxation in your busy days.

Everything you need to know about the Anti-Stress Hemp Organic Herbal Tea Bag

It is to reduce the unpleasant sensation of stress that we all know that the brand Pop CBD has imagined this synergy of hyper effective ingredients. The composition is intended to be simple, with plants specially selected for their effects: Hemp: this plant is the main ingredient. The effects of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes that it contains are numerous. In this infusion, we take advantage especially of its benefits on the nervous system and its calming action, which drives out stress and anxiety. Lime blossoms: they also act on the nervous system, but also on the feeling of overwork. Their calming and soothing action has been proven. Vervain : it is a relaxing plant often used in infusions for sleep or stress. The mint: it allows to give a delicious taste to this infusion, and to soothe the digestion.

How to consume the Organic Hemp Anti-Stress Infusion in a bag

To prepare your anti-stress drink, boil about 200ml of water at 100°C, then infuse two teaspoons for about 9 minutes. Incorporate a fat, such as coconut oil or milk, so that the cannabidiol molecules are better assimilated by the body. You can consume this drink at any time of the day, whenever you feel the need. Note that you have to wait about 30 minutes to notice the first effects. You can also consume it in the evening if stress prevents you from falling asleep. The Anti-Stress Organic Hemp Infusion is suitable for everyone, whether you are used to the effects of CBD on your body or not. Additional information about Anti-Stress Hemp Organic Sachet Infusion 35 gram bag Equivalent to approximately 20 cups Certified organically grown Contains 30% hemp Ingredients: hemp, linden flowers, verbena, mint, peppermint. Brand: Pop CBD.

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