Infusion CBD bio "Anti-stress" 35g - Pop CBD
Infusion CBD bio "Anti-stress" 35g - Pop CBD

Infusion CBD bio "Anti-stress" 35g - Pop CBD

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Are you going through a particularly stressful time, or suffering from chronic stress? Are you struggling to get that lump in your stomach to go away, and having trouble staying productive? Then try enjoying the benefits of hemp with Pop CBD's Organic Anti-Stress Infusion.

Everything you need to know about the BIO l'anti-stress infusion from Pop CBD

Pop CBD has formulated this infusion to help stressed people face their days more easily, and sleep better at night. It contains 35% hemp and an array of herbs ideal for the body and mind. The BIO anti-stress infusion allows to obtain a nervous appeasement quickly. The effects are generally felt about 30 minutes after tasting. You can therefore consume the BIO anti-stress infusion as soon as breakfast, then during the day if you feel the need. To prepare it, it is very simple: heat water at 100°C, then pour one or two spoons of preparation. Let it infuse for 8 to 10 minutes, add a fat (milk for example), then enjoy.

Discover the ingredients of the infusion BIO the anti-stress

In order to act effectively on stress, several plants have been selected to compose the infusion BIO l'anti-stress: Hemp: this is the essential ingredient. Present at 35%, it contains among other things cannabidiol, a molecule that interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the human body, thus acting directly on the nervous system. The CBD is a very effective ingredient against stress and anxiety, Lime flowers: they are known to act on nervousness. They also act to avoid the feeling of overwork, the verbena: it is a relaxing and soothing flower. It influences the hormonal activity and can contribute to bring a new balance, the mint: it gives a good taste to the infusion and facilitates the digestion. The infusion also contains apple, red linden sapwood, hawthorn and valerian. The infusion BIO l'anti-stress is thus ideal to drive out the stress and the anxiety. It brings you a real mental and physical relief. You can also consume it in the evening after dinner, and one hour before bedtime, in order to sleep better if the stress also plays on your nights.

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