Organic Mango Tea 35g - Pop CBD

Organic Mango Tea 35g - Pop CBD

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Notice to lovers of tropical fruits and flavors reminiscent of summer, vacation or sunshine, Pop CBD offers you its Organic Mango Tea!"

Everything you need to know about organic mango tea

Consume Pop CBD's Organic Mango Tea to combine the benefits of hemp with the pleasure of the tropical taste of mango. To enjoy this tropical flavor quickly, boil mineral (or filtered) water, and pour in one to two spoonfuls of the concoction, letting it steep for 12 minutes. Add a fatty substance, like coconut oil, honey or milk, because CBD is a lipophilic molecule and will be better absorbed by your body. You can also consume this tea cold in summer! To do so, let one or two spoons brew for one to two hours in cold water. Add ice cubes and enjoy! You can consume the organic mango tea at any time of the day, whenever you feel the need. The CBD thus consumed takes about 30 minutes to act on the feeling of stress. This formula contains theine, do not consume it in the evening if this molecule acts on your sleep. Good to know: this bag of 35 grams allows you to prepare about 18 cups.

What are the ingredients of Organic Mango Tea ?

This formula designed by the Pop CBD brand contains 25% hemp. This plant is known for its relaxing properties and its richness in flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids. It contains CBD, a molecule that facilitates digestion and relieves body pains. We also find green tea from China, which contains many antioxidants and offers a "fat burning" effect. The mango gives the main taste of this tropical tea, which also contains lemongrass and lemon peels that act on digestion and elimination of toxins. Finally, the formula contains mint, which promotes digestion and brings a fresh taste to this tea, as well as marigold flowers. All the plants used in this tea are organically grown.

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