Organic CBD Infusion "Island Sun" 35g - Pop CBD
Organic CBD Infusion "Island Sun" 35g - Pop CBD

Organic CBD Infusion "Island Sun" 35g - Pop CBD

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Chase the dullness of your daily life with the BIO island sun infusion from Pop CBD brand! It's the perfect drink if you love tropical flavors and need some relaxing moments. Discover it without further delay!

Everything you need to know about Pop CBD's organic island sun infusion

Give yourself a trip to the sun from your living room or office with Pop CBD's Island Sun BIO Infusion. While hemp is the main ingredient (22%), it's the flavors of mango and coconut that you'll smell when you sip. Here are the ingredients of this infusion, which are organically grown: Hemp: this plant offers soothing effects on the nervous system, Mango pieces: for the tropical taste, Coconut: facilitates digestion and gives a summer taste, Apple: rich in vitamins and minerals, Hibiscus: aids digestion and contains many flavonoids, Rosehip: plant rich in antioxidants, Papaya: rich in vitamins and minerals, and gives a tropical taste, Orange peel: to boost the immune system, Marigold flowers: soothing and calming, Cornflower: aids digestion. This synergy of ingredients allows your body and mind to relax. Your digestion will be facilitated, and you will be able to concentrate on your activities of the day! The BIO island sun infusion can also be consumed before bedtime to get a better night's sleep, thanks to the presence of hemp.

How to consume the BIO island sun infusion

Pop CBD's BIO island sun infusion can be consumed at any time of the day, whenever you want to enjoy a gourmet moment or feel the stress coming on. To prepare it, boil the equivalent of a cup of water then add one or two teaspoons of infusion (according to your tastes). Leave to infuse for 10 to 11 minutes, then enjoy! Megamarket's advice: add a fatty substance to the preparation so that the cannabidiol (CBD) molecules are better assimilated by your body. Milk, honey or even coconut oil blend perfectly with the ingredients of the infusion sun of the islands!

Features of this infusion

Content: 35 grams Hemp content: 22% Natural and organic product Contains no artificial flavors Brand: Pop CBD

Type de produit
Infusions and teas
THC levels
CBD rate
Hemp, Coconut and Mango
Relaxation, Pain, Antioxidant, Stress & Anxiety
Infused in about 250ml of water
Conseil de conservation
At room temperature, in a dry, dark place.
Nombre de tasses
T° Infusion
Durée d'infusion
11 min
1 to 2 teaspoons

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