Organic CBD Infusion "Apple-Cinnamon Rooibos" 35g Pop CBD
Organic CBD Infusion "Apple-Cinnamon Rooibos" 35g Pop CBD

Organic CBD Infusion "Apple-Cinnamon Rooibos" 35g Pop CBD

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Give your taste buds and your body a treat with Pop CBD's Organic Apple Cinnamon Rooibos infusion. Containing 22% hemp, it gives you a relaxing feeling in 30 minutes, in addition to offering you a real gourmet moment. It's going to become hard to live without it!

Discover Pop CBD's organic apple-cinnamon Rooibos infusion

Through its Organic Apple-Cinnamon Rooibos infusion, the Pop CBD brand wanted to offer a formula that is both gourmet, comforting and soothing! The taste of rooibos and cinnamon offer a real cocooning moment in winter, and reminds those moments when you consume it in summer. In addition to enjoying a treat, you will offer your body and mind a feeling of relaxation and a decrease in aches and pains. Stress will decrease and your focus and productivity will be improved.

What are the ingredients of the Organic Apple Cinnamon Rooibos infusion?

The Rooibos organic apple-cinnamon infusion contains few ingredients, but all have been selected for their many benefits on the body and mind. Hemp, present at 22%, helps provide this infusion with soothing and relaxing properties. The rooibos is a superfood that contains many minerals and antioxidants: it is a very good ingredient for health! Cinnamon sticks have antimicrobial properties and help strengthen the immune system. The apple activates the metabolism and blends perfectly with the above ingredients. In the Rooibos Organic Apple Cinnamon Infusion, there is also fennel, which stimulates the digestive system, licorice root for its anti-inflammatory action and invigorating cloves.

How to make your organic apple-cinnamon Rooibos infusion

Heat water to 100°C, then pour in one to two spoons of Rooibos organic apple-cinnamon infusion. Add a fatty substance (milk and honey work well in this recipe, but you can also choose coconut oil), then let it infuse for 8 to 9 minutes. This 35 gram bag makes about 18 cups. Good to know: you can consume the Rooibos organic apple-cinnamon infusion at any time of the day. Its taste is suitable for drinking at breakfast or even before going to bed. In case of a stressful period, consume it twice a day.

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