Organic CBD Infusion "Raspberry" 35g - Pop CBD
Organic CBD Infusion "Raspberry" 35g - Pop CBD

Organic CBD Infusion "Raspberry" 35g - Pop CBD

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Want to enjoy a gourmet herbal tea that gives you a relaxing feeling? Look no further, and enjoy Pop CBD's organic raspberry infusion. It contains 100% natural ingredients and does good to your body and your morale, what more could you ask for ?

Discover Pop CBD's organic raspberry infusion

Pop CBD's Organic Raspberry Infusion is certified organically grown and contains finely selected hemp. It is the perfect drink for people who love the taste of raspberry but need to relax more. You can drink this infusion at breakfast to start the day well or after your work day to better make the break between personal and professional life.

Composition of the organic raspberry infusion

The main ingredient of this infusion is obviously hemp, the signature plant of the Pop CBD brand. It has many benefits for the mind and body thanks to its flavonoid, terpene and cannabidiol content. This last molecule, also called CBD, allows to reduce the feeling of stress, to decrease the anxiety, and to bring a relaxation at the same time mental and body. This infusion contains as its name indicates raspberry for the taste, but also lemongrass and hibiscus, which facilitate the digestion. The apple helps to activate the metabolism, and the pineapple and the rosehip reinforce the immune system. This Pop CBD infusion also contains marigold flowers.

Preparation of the organic raspberry infusion

Heat filtered water or mineral water to 100°C, then add one to two spoons of infusion. Let it infuse for 9 minutes, and incorporate a fatty substance so that the CBD molecule is well assimilated by the body. You can consume the organic raspberry infusion at any time of the day, from breakfast to bedtime. If you need to relax, drink two cups each day. This drink can be enjoyed hot or cold, and is delicious either way. Good to know: this 35 gram bag makes about 18 cups of infusion.

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