Organic CBD Infusion "Vitality" 35g - Pop CBD
Organic CBD Infusion "Vitality" 35g - Pop CBD

Organic CBD Infusion "Vitality" 35g - Pop CBD

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You feel fatigue regularly, or a lack of vitality and energy? Then enjoy the benefits of the formula specially designed by Pop CBD: the organic infusion Vitality.

Everything you need to know about Pop CBD Vitality Organic Infusion

The Pop CBD brand has created an herbal infusion specially formulated to increase daily well-being and, as the name suggests, vitality. Take back control of your days and no longer let fatigue or lack of focus impact your work or activities. The Vitality organic infusion is ideal to start the day well or to boost you during a well-deserved break. It concentrates the benefits of several plants that each have interesting properties. Of course, the chosen plants are perfectly proportioned to give a delicious taste to the infusion. Drinking it becomes a real moment of pleasure and relaxation!

What are the ingredients of the organic infusion Vitality?

The Vitality organic infusion obviously contains hemp, a plant known for its soothing properties. It contains many molecules good for the body, including cannabidiol (CBD). CBD has many benefits, including improving concentration, motivation and productivity during the day. This herbal tea also contains rooibos, rich in minerals and antioxidants, ginger, another superfood that has tonic properties on the body, and cinnamon sticks, which strengthen the immune system. Many other ingredients round out the formula: black pepper, chamomile, orange peel, cardamom, apples, blackberry leaves and cloves.

How to prepare the organic Vitality infusion.

You will only need a few minutes of patience before enjoying the Vitality Organic Infusion. First, boil water at 90/100°C, then pour one to two teaspoons of infusion into a cup. Add a fatty substance, such as milk or honey, then wait for about 10 minutes. This 35-gram bag will make about 20 cups. You can consume this infusion whenever you like, and drink two in a day if you need a good boost.

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Chamomile, apple, orange peel ,blackberry leaves, ginger, hemp,Cardamom,blackpepper,cinnamon sticks,rooibos

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