Organic CBD Infusion "Moment of relaxation" 60g - Pop CBD

Organic CBD Infusion "Maxi détente" 60g - Pop CBD

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Are you going through a difficult time or having a busy day? Can't manage to take a break and find a state of serenity? In this case, the BIO moment relaxation infusion is made for you thanks to its 28% hemp.

Discover the BIO moment détente infusion from Pop CBD

The BIO moment détente infusion offered by the Pop CBD brand contains only plants specially selected for their benefits. Through this formula, Pop CBD wanted to offer an ideal cocktail to promote relaxation and unwinding. Very soft, this infusion contains 28% of hemp, the main ingredient of the recipe. This plant is known for its soothing actions on the body and mind. We also find nettle, a plant rich in vitamins and having diuretic effects, cinnamon sticks, rich in vitamins and excellent for strengthening the immune system, and ginger, a superfood that reduces fatigue and relieves inflammation of the body. The BIO moment détente infusion also contains ingredients that facilitate digestion, such as fennel, which treats digestive disorders and licorice root, which fights against inflammation of the digestive system. Finally, the delicate taste of this infusion is due to the presence of rose petals and chamomile, a flower known for its action on relaxation. There is also a bit of orange peel, apple and cloves.

What are the benefits of hemp on feeling relaxed ?

Hemp is a plant containing terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids. Of these, cannabidiol (CBD) is known to provide numerous benefits on the feeling of relaxation; including: The reduction of stress (temporary or chronic), The reduction of the feeling of anxiety, A muscle relaxation, A relief of difficult digestions or cramps related to digestion, A reduction of body aches. This is why this infusion contains a little more hemp than other formulas of the brand.

How to prepare the BIO relaxation moment infusion.

Simply boil hot water up to 90 or 100°C, then pour one to two teaspoons of infusion, depending on your needs. Wait 9 to 10 minutes, then enjoy. Add a fatty substance for a better assimilation of the CBD by the body, like milk or honey. In case of intense stress period, consume two infusions per day (it can be consumed at any time of the day).

Type de produit
Infusions and teas
THC levels
CBD rate
Gingembre, Cannelle et Réglisse
Digestion, Relaxation, Inflammation et Stress & Anxiété
Infused in about 250ml of water
Conseil de conservation
At room temperature, in a dry, dark place.
Nombre de tasses
T° Infusion
Durée d'infusion
10 min
1 to 2 teaspoons

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