CBD Afghan Gold 23% resin

CBD Afghan Gold 23% resin

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This little golden nugget is actually CBD Afghan Gold resin concentrated at 23.1%! Megamarket offers you a very high quality product from the famous Afghan Kush hemp variety.

Discover CBD Afghan Gold resin

Highly concentrated in CBD, this exceptional gold colored resin will give you a unique experience. Highly regarded in the CBD world, Afghan Gold 23.1% resin has a delicious woody flavor, where hemp blends with earthy aromas. This important rate of CBD allows him to offer very calming and relaxing effects, by acting directly on the states of stress and anxiety. For those difficult or trying days, Afghan Gold CBD resin can help improve your well-being. Its high level of 23.1% cannabidiol allows it to act favorably on the quality of your sleep: reduced time to fall asleep, reduced nightmares and night wakings ... You will feel rested and more fit. CBD Afghan Gold resin also helps relieve pain, such as premenstrual syndrome or migraines, inflammation, such as osteoarthritis or arthritis, and pain related to a difficult digestion. You can buy Afghan Gold CBD resin in several versions: 5g, 10g, 20g and 40g.

What is the best way to consume CBD Afghan Gold resin?

In order to simply enjoy all the benefits of CBD, opt for a hot infusion or herbal tea, in which you will crumble CBD Afghan Gold resin. You will feel the first soothing effects after about 30 minutes. So that the molecule of cannabidiol (which is lipophilic) is better assimilated by the body, we advise you to add a touch of milk to your preparation. Thanks to its soft texture, you will be able to crumble it easily over your dishes or to incorporate it in recipes of cooking or desserts (provided that there is no cooking beyond 180°C). Of course, you can discover the spicy and pungent palette of the CBD Afghan Gold resin by consuming it by vaporization. On the palate, you'll mostly smell earthy and woody notes.

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