CBD Black 18% resin

CBD Black 18% resin

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Want to try an original and popular CBD resin at the same time? Then check out Black 18% CBD resin, which is suitable for beginners and seasoned users alike.

Discover CBD Black 18% CBD resin

Made in Switzerland from high-quality hemp and guaranteed pesticide-free, Black 18% resin has everything to please CBD (cannabidiol) lovers. Thanks to its high concentration, it provides fast and intense effects and acts effectively on the global well-being. Its effectiveness is also linked to the presence of numerous cannabinoids and terpenes in its composition. Of course, it contains less than 0.3% THC, the molecule considered a drug.

What are the effects of Black 18% CBD resin ?

The CBD Black 18% CBD resin has significant effects on the overall mood: it gives you feelings of relaxation and relaxation that put you in a true state of well-being. This resin helps to chase away stress and reduce anxiety. You can therefore consume it in the morning, if you know that a difficult day is coming, or during the day if you need it. Consumed in the evening before going to bed, this black resin allows to spend better nights of sleep. Finally, CBD Black 18% CBD resin can help you ease body tension and relieve pain such as headaches, migraines, menstrual cramps, or pain related to a difficult digestion.

How to consume Black 18% CBD resin

In order to offer you a real "relaxation break", we recommend consuming CBD Black 18% CBD resin in an infusion. To improve the absorption of the CBD molecule by the body, add a fatty substance to it, such as a cloud of milk or a little coconut oil according to your taste. By consuming your resin via an infusion, you will feel the first effects approximately 30 minutes after the ingestion. You can also consume it by vaporization or by crumbling it in your dishes or cooking recipes, provided that you do not exceed 180°C during cooking. Storage tips: keep your resin in an airtight container.

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