CBD Olive resin 10%.

CBD Olive resin 10%.

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Discover this original CBD resin that owes its name to its shape and color! The 10% CBD olive resin offered by Megamarket has been on the CBD market for years, and is highly prized by connoisseurs. You have not yet tested it? Then read on!

Everything you need to know about the CBD resin olive 10%

CBD Olive 10% resin is made with high quality hemp and has an easily recognizable oily texture that is very soft to the touch. Originally, Olive resin comes to us straight from Asia, but it is now very popular in Europe. Its CBD content of 10% is suitable for both beginners and amateurs. By tasting the resin CBD olive 10%, you can enjoy an explosion of flavors. It is not for nothing that it is one of the favorite resins of the consumers of CBD! The CBD olive 10% resin is compact and follows a traditional manufacturing process: the hemp leaves are crushed manually for the extraction of cannabinoids. Good to know: the CBD olive 10% resin is available in several weights: 5g, 10g, 20g and 40g. So you can test its taste and effects before moving on to a larger quantity.

What are the benefits of CBD olive 10% resin ?

By opting for the CBD olive 10% resin, you will of course enjoy all the benefits of cannabidiol, this adaptogenic molecule from the hemp plant. Thanks to its concentration (10%), this resin offers soothing and relaxing virtues on the body and mind. By consuming it, you will be able to chase away stress and anxiety from your daily life. If you consume the CBD olive resin 10% before going to bed, you will not only reduce the time needed to fall asleep, but also spend deeper and more restful nights of sleep. Finally, this resin helps relieve body aches and pains, such as headaches, migraines or cramps.

How to consume the CBD resin olive 10%.

You can consume CBD olive 10% resin as an infusion, crumbling it into a hot drink. To improve the absorption of the molecule by the body, add a fatty substance to your infusion, like a cloud of milk for example. You will feel the effects in about 30 minutes. You can also discover the exquisite flavors of the resin CBD olive 10% thanks to the vaporization. This is the ideal method to enjoy its great hemp taste and the whole range of flavors it offers!

Type de produit
Type de résine
CBD rate
THC levels
Fruité Boisé
Relaxation Stress & Anxiété Douleurs Sommeil
Infusion Vaporisation
Durée de conservation
12 mois après ouverture
Conseil de conservation
A l'abri de la lumière Endroit sec Température ambiante
De 10 à 40g

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