Organic CBD tea "Moringa Matcha" 35g - Pop CBD

Organic CBD tea "Moringa Matcha" 35g - Pop CBD

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Are you looking to combine detox, muscle recovery and relaxation? Then Pop CBD's organic CBD, matcha and moringa tea is the one for you.

Discover the organic tea with CBD, matcha and moringa

The organic CBD, matcha and moringa tea offered by the Pop CBD brand combines the effectiveness of green tea with the benefits of matcha and moringa, a superfood. This tea is particularly dedicated to sports people who want to combine physical recovery and detox. It helps to eliminate toxins while relieving body aches and reducing cramps. To consume it, pour 1 to 2 teaspoons in boiling water and let it infuse for three minutes. Add a splash of milk, then enjoy!

What are the ingredients of the CBD, matcha and moringa organic tea ?

This formula contains 65% green tea, which is both an antioxidant and fat burner. It helps to help the body eliminate accumulated toxins. Green tea is also known to reduce mental fatigue. The 20% of hemp brings many benefits to the mix. They help to bring a sense of relaxation, and relieve cramps and muscle pain. In addition, they contribute to a better night's sleep and thus to feel more fit. Moringa supports the immune system and helps the body get rid of toxins. Finally, matcha tea, also fights against the accumulation of toxins. Organic CBD, matcha and moringa tea also contains maca, chia seeds and spirulina, which are all considered superfoods.

What are the benefits of matcha tea ?

Like CBD, matcha contains many benefits for the body and mind. Its theine content allows it to restore energy to the body, releasing it little by little. It contains many antioxidants that fight against premature aging. When consumed regularly, matcha tea helps to improve concentration, to have a more beautiful skin, to eliminate toxins and to boost the overall immunity of the body. Pop CBD's organic CBD, matcha and moringa tea is therefore packed with effective ingredients and superfoods on toxin elimination and wellness!

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Green tea , hemp CBD, moringa leaves , matcha tea , wheat grass, maca, chia seeds, spirulina.

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