Organic CBD Tea "Detox" 35g - Pop CBD
Organic CBD Tea "Detox" 35g - Pop CBD

Organic CBD Tea "Detox" 35g - Pop CBD

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If you experience increasingly difficult digestion, bloating or discomfort after meals, your body may be sending you a signal that toxins are accumulating. Indeed, when the body has to eliminate too much waste and the emunctories are unable to do so, toxins are stored in the body and can cause discomfort. If this is your case, opt for the organic CBD detox tea from pop CBD and its blend of detoxifying and good for the body plants.

Discover CBD organic detox tea

By blending the benefits of hemp, green tea, and other organically grown plants, Pop CBD brand's Organic CBD Detox Tea can help your body get rid of toxins. To prepare it, heat mineral water to 100°C, then let a teaspoon steep for three minutes. Consume it after meals to aid digestion, or between meals to help eliminate toxins. If you like the taste of this preparation, you can even consume it at breakfast! This 35 gram bag makes about 20 cups.

The plants present in the organic CBD detox tea

A signature plant of the Pop CBD brand, hemp is obviously present in this organic detox tea. This adaptogenic plant has dozens of virtues on the mind and body. Regarding the detoxification of the body, hemp plays a role in improving digestion. Indeed, many toxins are eliminated through the digestive system. This formula contains green tea, an antioxidant plant known to activate the metabolism. To these ingredients are added lemon peels, diuretic, ginger to tone the body and lemongrass, which acts on digestion. The organic tea detox CBD Pop CBD finally contains eucalyptus, which helps the body to eliminate toxins and nettles for their diuretic properties. This synergy of plants can therefore help your body to eliminate toxins, in addition to acting on cellular aging or on the impacts of stress on health.

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China Sencha green tea , CBD hemp , lemongrass, eucalyptus leaf, nettles, ginger, natural flavour, lemon peel

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