Organic CBD Infusion "Sweet Mint" 25g - Pop CBD

Organic CBD Infusion "Sweet Mint" 25g - Pop CBD

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Are you looking for an infusion with powerful relaxation powers to face a difficult time or just a very stressful day? Pop CBD brand's Sweet Mint organic hemp infusion in a bag is the one for you! Its 70% hemp content brings serenity and peace to the body and mind, and helps soothe all types of tension.

Discover the Sweet Mint organic hemp tea bag

Provided by the brand Pop CBD, this infusion benefits from a simple but effective composition, only based on natural and organically grown ingredients. The main ingredient is thus the hemp, present at the level of 70%. This plant contains a large number of molecules that are very good for the body and well-being: terpenes and cannabinoids. Hemp is often used for its soothing, relaxing and anti-stress benefits. This formula is complemented by two types of mint: Nanah mint: it facilitates digestion and brings a lot of freshness to the infusion, Peppermint: it fights against difficult digestion and headaches, Good to know: this infusion belongs to the range "The essentials of hemp" of the brand Pop CBD, and it allows you to appropriate the benefits of CBD on your own body at an affordable price.

What are the benefits of the Sweet Mint organic hemp infusion in a bag?

Thanks to the presence of 70% hemp in its composition, this infusion has many benefits. The presence of mint helps to complement these. Therefore, we advise to consume the infusion in organic bag with hemp Sweet Mint of Pop CBD in case of: Difficult digestion, Bloating, Stomach cramps or digestive pain, Stress (chronic or temporary), Difficulty falling asleep, Sleep disorders.

How to consume Pop CBD's Sweet Mint organic hemp infusion in a bag

Pop CBD's Sweet Mint Organic Hemp Herbal Tea Bag is simple to prepare. Boil mineral water at 100°C, then let one to two spoons infuse for about 9 minutes. By adding a fatty substance to the preparation, you improve the absorption of the molecules of CBD by the body. The effects are then multiplied tenfold! According to your tastes, you can add a touch of milk or a touch of honey. The infusion in organic bag with hemp Sweet Mint can be drunk at any time of the year. Enjoy it hot in winter and cool in summer! The 25 gram bag makes about 14 cups.

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