Infusion CBD bio "Immuno Boost" 35g - Pop CBD
Infusion CBD bio "Immuno Boost" 35g - Pop CBD

Infusion CBD bio "Immuno Boost" 35g - Pop CBD

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Give your immune system a boost by consuming Pop CBD's Immuno Boost organic herbal tea. This jarring cocktail of herbs will boost your immune system to help you get through the tough times.

Discover Pop CBD's Immuno Boost Organic Infusion

No longer do you let the changing seasons take their toll on your vitality, or moments of fatigue dictate your days! Thanks to Immuno Boost Organic Infusion, your body will be ready to face whatever comes its way! It is the synergy of plants carefully selected by Pop CBD that provides these benefits: Hemp, the main ingredient of Immuno Boost organic herbal tea, has many benefits on the body. It stimulates the production of antibodies and strengthens the immune system, in addition to boosting the proper functioning of the entire body, The thyme is the ally of the body in winter: it is at the same time antimicrobial, antiseptic and antiviral, Lemon balm and sage soothe bloating and thus limit pain related to difficult digestion, Lime blossoms are calming, Elderberries have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Centaury is a tonic flower that is often recommended in case of weakness of the immune system, Echinacea crimson helps to limit the risk of urinary or respiratory infection. In smaller quantities, apple, alchemilla and cornflower flowers are found in this infusion.

How and when to consume Immuno Boost Organic Infusion

Boil the equivalent of one cup of filtered water or mineral water at 100°C, then pour in one to two teaspoons of Immuno Boost infusion. Let the herbs steep for at least 11 minutes. For the CBD to be better absorbed by the body, we recommend you to add a fatty substance to the preparation, as milk, honey or coconut oil for example. This bag of 35 grams allows to prepare about 20 cups by following the quantity indicated above. You can consume Immuno Boost Organic Infusion at any time of the day. We recommend this formula during each change of season (especially when winter arrives), or as soon as you feel a drop in energy and vitality.

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CBD hemp, apple, lemon balm, linden, elder, alchemilla, thyme, centaury, purple echinacea, blueberry, sage.

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