Triple filtered CBD resin 70% CBD

Triple filtered CBD resin 70% CBD

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Made, as the name implies, from a triple filtration process, the triple filtered resin Megamarket brings you is both a pure and hyper concentrated variety.

Discover triple filtered resin

If you're a discerning CBD resin consumer and feel like taking it to the next level, go for the triple filtered resin! You'll be pleasantly surprised by its rich flavor profile that immediately transports you to a feeling of relaxation. Thanks to its quality of extraction, you will benefit from palpable effects and of an effectiveness with any test. To consume it, you can proceed as with all the types of resin: By crumbling it above your dishes or culinary preparations, or in your hot drinks (in this case, add a fatty substance for a better assimilation of cannabidiol), By vaporization: know that of the quality of the vaporizer is going to depend on the quality of the vapour, and thus on the effectiveness of the felt effects. On the other hand, we do not recommend consumption by combustion.

What is triple filter extraction

The whole point of this product comes from its triple filtered extraction method. This is a lengthy process that aims to retain the maximum amount of terpenes naturally present in the hemp plant. This method thus makes it possible to obtain a resin of CBD premium of very high quality, with the tasty taste and pleasant to the touch. To crumble it will be a pleasure! In addition, thanks to this meticulous process, we get a resin with a CBD content of 70% for incomparable effects.

What are the benefits of the triple filtered resin ?

Thanks to its 70% CBD, triple filtered resin quickly provides relaxing effects on the body and mind. These will be felt quite quickly after consumption. It is the ideal resin to relax on all levels after a difficult day. Consumed in the evening, the triple filtered resin can also help you to spend better nights of sleep. At the mental level, the triple filtered resin proposed by Megamarket helps to fight against negative thoughts and makes you more optimistic overall. Of course, it also helps fight stress and anxiety.

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