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CBD and muscle spasms: the cure?

For a few years, CBD has been enjoying an increasing notoriety in the world. It is presented as an effective remedy that can relieve various symptoms more or less serious of certain diseases. Among these diseases, we can mention muscle spasms.

Indeed, it turns out that thanks to its properties, CBD can help patients suffering from muscle spasms to recover their health. This is possible because it is a very powerful analgesic and anti inflammatory.

Muscle spasms can easily become disabling when not treated properly. That's why we suggest you read on, to find out how CBD can aid in the recovery of those affected by this condition. 

How CBD can relieve muscle spasms

If CBD can prove to be effective against muscle spasms, it is largely because the different varieties of hemp that are out there have some very beneficial health properties. Thus, when CBD is extracted, it can effectively relieve certain symptoms, while avoiding the psychotropic effects of this drug that cannabis represents. This is how CBD can be used to relieve spasms and also muscle cramps. This has been proven by several studies, even though for the time being, it is still unclear what the overall effects of this substance on the body are. 

In fact, among the studies conducted on CBD, several focus on muscle spasms. Given the many positive effects it already displays, it's no surprise to discover that it can also be used against this type of condition. Studies have been carried out on men, and more precisely on people suffering from multiple sclerosis. This disease generally manifests itself by severe pain, accompanied by repeated muscle spasms. The results showed that the patients observed a real improvement, not only in the pain, but also in the spasms. 

Thus, CBD can be used by patients who want to better manage the pain caused by their muscle spasms and cramps. It has the advantage of being free of serious side effects, so you can safely enjoy all of its properties. As an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, it fights against all the pains and makes this disease more bearable for the patients. 

It should be noted that therapeutic cannabis can also have the same positive effects on muscle spasms, and sometimes even give better results. However, due to the psychoactive effects it can have on the brain, it is advisable to opt for pure CBD instead, devoid of THC. 

What you need to know about muscle spasms

Spasm is an unpremeditated contraction of muscles. The difference with cramp is that the latter is very short-lived. In contrast, spasm can persist for a long time. It also has the characteristic of affecting a single muscle, an isolated part or a whole group of muscles. The term spasm is usually used for striated muscles, that is, those attached to the arms or legs. 

This is why it is often confused with seizures and cramps. However, the term muscle spasms can also be used when it involves the heart muscles. In this case, it is specifically referred to as a coronary spasm. The manifestations of spasms are not too numerous. The most common symptom is pain caused by the spasm as well as visible and unwanted contractions of the muscles. 

For those who don't know, there are multiple types of spasms. First, there is the hemifacial spasm. It starts from the muscles around the eye of the affected person. Then, it slowly progresses and attacks those in the mouth and jaw localized on the same side as the affected eye. 

Secondly, there is the cynical spasm that occurs in the face. It causes a convulsive movement of the cheeks. Subsequently, the lips come apart. At this stage, the teeth are exposed much like a growling dog. 

Finally, there are the gastrointestinal spasms that cause cramping and abdominal pain. As for flexion spasm it is seen in children with epileptic syndrome. It is also worth mentioning that spasms can affect the eyelids, calves and other parts of the body such as the pectorals and forearm.

The causes and symptoms of muscle spasms

  • A viral infection: when severe, it is able to cause muscle spasms.

  • Tetanus: this is a disease or rather an infection, which used to be quite common. Today it affects fewer people, but still continues to do damage. This infection can also lead to very serious muscle contractions.

  • Dehydration: when the body lacks water, it can cause muscle spasms.

  • Magnesium deficiency: this is a mineral that when it is down in the body, can cause muscle spasms. The same is true for potassium and calcium.

  • Pregnancy: a pregnant woman, especially in the third trimester, may suffer from muscle spasms, due to compression of her nerves by the weight of the child.

  • Trauma: It's possible that something like a sprain, muscle tear, or contusion is causing your muscle spasm. 

  • Genetic factors: it is possible to suffer from muscle spasms when ancestors have been prone to this disorder.

Also, regardless of the different causes behind this condition, it always manifests in the same way. The patient feels a sharp pain in his or her muscles that may be located in various places. This pain is preceded by an involuntary contraction of the affected muscle, a visible contraction that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. 

As you may have noticed, CBD can help you effectively fight diseases such as muscle spasms. Therefore, you can use it in combination with your medication treatment to quickly relieve the symptoms of this disease. Just be careful to avoid different interaction risks, by seeking professional advice and guidance first.

Can medical cannabis be used for muscle spasms?

Yes, just like CBD-derived products, medical cannabis can also be effective against muscle spasms. However, a prescription is required to obtain it to avoid any problems with the law. 

Can CBD be used for muscle spasms without risk of prosecution?

CBD used in the treatment of muscle spasms is free of THC. It can therefore be legally bought or sold in France, as it is not a doping or psychotropic product.

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