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What is the purpose of trichomes on cannabis plants ?

Trichomes are formed in plants throughout their life. They have specific roles for each of them depending on the species. When you take the ones that develop throughout the life cycle of the cannabis plant, there are different exceptional characteristics. They are very interesting specimens to observe. Discover here the essential to know on the trichomes.

What is a cannabis trichome ?

Trichomes are known as very fine specimens that form on the epidermis of plants. They are comparable to the hair on the human body. This assumption actually makes sense when you refer to the origin of the name, which comes from the Greek "trikhoma" which in French means hair growth. At observation, it is often difficult to see any but the largest ones. Nevertheless, under a microscope or magnifying glass, they present themselves easily to the eye.

Cannabis trichomes develop from the beginning of the plant's growth to senescence. As the growth time progresses, the number of hairs that form increases and so do the secretions. These change color and provide information on the maturity level of the plant so that you know when to harvest.

Speaking of their presentation, they are transparent beings until flowering. At this stage, their color becomes comparable to viscous white. This is also a feature to signal the maximum concentration of the cannabinoid in the plant. However, trichomes are separated into two main groups. You have the non-glandular category and the glandular category.

Non-glandular trichomes

In this category, you have the stiff hairs with thinned and very sharp tips. These are usually the first forms seen in the early growth of the plant. At the rank of these, you have some that have at their base calcium carbonate crystals. Their shape looks very much like bear claws. These are the cystolithic trichomes. They form on the surface of the plant. The lower part of the plant's leaf surface on the other hand is covered by non-cystolithic single-celled trichomes.

Glandular trichomes

This form of trichome often appears at the flowering stage of cannabis. In fact, they are most noticeable on flowers. You may also see them on younger plants. They develop on their stem or on the face lower of their leaves. Their particularity is that they secrete substances. However, there are a variety of glandular trichomes plants.

These include sessile, bulbous and multicellular trichomes. The first forms on the lower epidermis and has no stem. The second is invisible to the naked eye because of its smallness. The last one is similar to a champion. Often seen around female flowers, it settles on the bracteoles surrounding them.

What are cannabis trichomes for ?

Trichomes are made up of cannabinoids and terpenes that form over time. This depends on the environment in which the plants are placed. Ultraviolet light is also a factor in its production.

Trichomes protect cannabis plants

The production of these elements has many benefits for the plant. Mainly, they protect it from attackers such as insects. They are strong molecules that repel by their powerful scent. They are intoxicating for the predators. On the other hand, the trichomes serve as protectors against the strong temperatures. The working mechanism is to reflect sunlight, regulate the temperature on the surface of the plant, maintain good humidity, etc.

Trichomes are an indicator for harvesting

Cannabis growers to move on to harvesting respect certain symptoms such as some visual aspects of the plant and its flowers. They mainly observe the presentation of the trichomes to decide. What they observe is the shape of the head of resin, the density of trichomes, their size, etc. When the observations are badly made and the harvest is rushed, it affects the quality, the taste and the effects of the plant on the consumer. If the plant is harvested before maturity, its effect is more reactive. While, if not, it reacts more like a sedative.

How to produce more trichomes.

Although achieving the best quality cannabis plant is not just based on trichomes, paying close attention to them goes a long way. Here are some pointers to follow, if you want to get the most out of trichomes.

To have healthy cannabis plants, you need to consider genetics and the growing environment. When it comes to genetics, start by getting the right seeds and then use the right techniques. Once you've secured the genetics, you'll then think about the growing environment. However, be aware that each type of trichome performs a particular function on cannabis. So you need to learn what each one offers.

On the market, there is a wide variety of seeds that allow for great production of resins, terpenes and THC. Make sure you get a good quality one. As for the growing environment, you need good lighting, average temperature and avoid excess humidity for the plants as much as possible.

How to know when cannabis trichomes are ready to be harvested

To know when to harvest cannabis, growers rely on the result of observing the trichomes that are on the plant's surface. They observe their shape and colors. At this stage, they look like champions with long stem and a small cover.

What are trichomes for ?

They perform several functions like protecting the cannabis and ensuring its perfect metabolism. It is a set of resins that facilitates the protection of the plant by forging an effective line of defense. It mainly protects it from herbivores and insects.

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